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A Bite of China II Fifth Episode Encounters| Discover China Tours

Flourishing and Dynamic Chinese people used foods to record every gathering and parting. So far, Chinese young people love to upload and show the foods we have to SNS. So, it proves that foods to Chinese people are so important. In the wake of people’s migration, food materials, condiments, formula and skills developed during the long and rich history. This episode records not just encounters between people, but also between foods. For example, peppers and chili encounter and bring pungent and spicy flavor; local people and nonlocal people encounter in Shenzhen and create a metropolis from a fishing village.

Xilingol Calocybe Gambosa
Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken
Chongqing Hotpot
Shantou Beef Ball
Taiwan Beef Noodle
Shenzhen Poon Choi (Basin Dish)