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Longji Dazhai Rice Terraced Field in Guilin Tour Travel Tips

Longji Terrace is large, Dazhai is just a part of it, and here is some tour travel tips, hope this information could help you with your Dazhai discovery.

Longji Rice Terrace Field (Dragon Back Terrace) in Guilin is more and more popular to visitors from all over the world; it has been built in the mountains altitude 300m to 1100m year by year within 700 years till now. It has 13 villages and two minority nationalities stay here, they are Zhuang and Yao people. Dazhai is one of the 13 villages; its residents are Red Yao people, a branch of Yao minority nationality. They are called Red Yao because of their clothing - red coat and black pleated skirt is their representative dressing. Well, they will not wear their red coat every day, you could only see the dressing on their vacation, celebration or wedding; or you could ask your guest house host to show you their beautiful clothing.

Red Yao people are one reason you should visit Dazhai, and amazing rice terrace field is another key reason. The rice terrace in Dazhai is much larger than Pingan, and the village is less commercialized. The only problem to the visitors is you should walk a lot if you want to enjoy all three scenic spots.

Dazhai terrace field is also being called Jinkeng Terrace field, so here I use Dazhai instead of Jinkeng.

Large map is here.
Here is detail information on how long you should walk:

1.    Dazhai is on the foot of the entire terrace field; and Tiantouzhai is on the mountain side, you need about 30 – 40 minutes on foot from Dazhai to Tiantouzhai.
2.    Tiantouzhai is in the middle of three lookout point. There are 3 lookout points in Dazhai: N0.1 (Music of Paradise), No. 2 (Qianceng Landder to the Heaven) and No. 3 (Golden Buddha Summit), the location please checks the map.
3.    From Tiantouzhai to No. 1 lookout point, you should walk about 45 – 60 minutes.
4.    From Tiantouzhai to No. 2 lookout point, you should walk about 45 – 60 minutes.
5.    From Tiantouzhai to No. 3 lookout point, you should walk about 90 – 120 minutes.
6.    By the side of the car parking of Dazhai, there is a cable car to No. 3 lookout point; you could take it to save time and energy. It will use about 18 minutes from the cable car station to No. 3 lookout point. The price is CNY70 for single way and CNY120 for round trip.

Local woman wait the visitors in front gate of Dazhai, they could help the visitors to carry the luggage by back basket, and they are just trying to help the family to earn more money, if you have the ability, please take care about their business. You could bargain with them or ask your tour guide to bargain with them. The payment is due to the distance.

There are many guest houses in Dazhai, Tiantouzhai, all of them were built by wood, so it will be very noisy when someone walk on upstairs or on stairs; and you will hear the voice from your near by rooms.

Food in Dazhai is limited, local food is the only choice: rice noodle with soup, over easy, local chicken & duck (serve with bone), local vegetable, local bamboo-tube-cooked rice, local pork fried bitter gourd/ loofah/ cucumber ect., local rice wine.

Well, by the way, Longji Rice Terrace Field Scenic Spot include: Jinzhu Zhuang People Village, Huangluo Yao People Village, Ancient Zhuang People Village and Terrace, Jinkeng (Dazhai) Red Yao People Village and Terrace, Pingan Zhuang People Village and Terrace. The entrance fee is CNY100/person; shuttle bus in Longji is CNY45/person.