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Closer Understanding to Sanxingdui Museum

    Sanxindui Ruins, accidently discovered in 1929, is the oldest Bashu ruins culture back in ancient China. Sanxingdui Ruins is not only regarded as one of the most remarkable archeology discoveries, but also treated as “The resource of the Yangzte Culture”. The unearthed cultural relics are precious cultural heritage. It is the most valuables cultural reference for many field’s researches, such as history, science and culture. Meanwhile, it is also one of the most ornamental heritages groups in China.

    Away from the modern noisy society, taking a bus from Chengdu about one hour, I went to Sanxingdui Museum days before. Bought an entrance ticket with student card, ¥40. When I entered the museum, I was amazed by the fascinating wonders in front of me. Those exhibitions demonstrated an olden city and reminded me of those ancient culture which seemed never left me behind.

    “Bronze Human Heads are the must-see units when you come to Sanxingdui Museum.” That was what I was told when I’ve been here. With this special hint, I visited those famous figures. Behind those bronze figures, it was the demonstration of the olden belief within the olden citizen. The Bronze Human Heads were not the only thing that could gain my whole attention. The Gold Stick can also excite me with no reason. I can imagine that a great wizard, holding this Gold Stick, spelled a spectacular magic on people. I knew perhaps I had a little day dream. But was it supposed to have some crazy imagination when you were in this place full of historical relics? I can’t stop thinking that what those figures were used back in that ancient time.

    After that, I stepped into the Exhibition Hall No.2. My whole person stopped before the so-called emblematic sculpture, a bronze figure with human head and body of bird. The actual meaning of this figure still remained a mystery to me. But according to the introducer, this sculpture somehow refers to the representative of the main god way back in the olden times.

    Countless precious relics were found in this zone beyond price. The Sanxingdui Ruins has broken many world records in the archaeology field. By the end of 2009, many records in Sanxingdui Ruins had been listed in the records of China or the records of the world, such as the tallest Bronze Sacred Tree, the earliest Gold Stick and the biggest Bronze Mirror.

    Sanxingdui culture changes our knowledge towards the olden Bashu citizen, and fills in a gap which existed in our national archaeology research. In the Sanxingdui Museum, various kinds of expression techniques were used to show the visitors a whole complete picture of Bashu culture. Series of images, photos, charts and reproductions displayed a fantasy art palace. Taking a round walk inside, it is like going back to that era of war and mystery.

Tips: The museum provided introductors and micro-phone to visitors with extra charge. To know better about the museum, an introductor's guidance is necessary.