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Wuhan Featured Food in Hubuxiang Lane

    Hubuxiang, located in the Ziyou Road in Wuchang District, Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province, is a 150 meter-long lane with more than a hundred-year history, well-known for various breakfast ships and vendors.

    Every day, thousands of people would visit here to start one day with the delicious breakfast. You are totally wrong if you think that it is too narrow to conclude much stuff. Stepping inside the lane, you would be amazed by those diversified different snacks before you. Any flavor you want would be offered, and every need you have would be catered.

    Hot and Dry Noodles is locals ‘favorite breakfast. Traditional Hot and Dry Noodles is chewy and soft, which is quite hard to combine. It may explain why it is so popular. When you are having the Hot and Dry Noodles, you can sense a fragrance of sesame. Sometimes you eat too quickly that you do not even get to understand the true odor of it.

    Another popular breakfast for locals is Bean Pan. The senior locals made it as a kind of holiday meals, but it become a common breakfast now. Bean Pan is another delicacy that you must taste. It has the fresh meat, fresh shrimps and fresh eggs inside. Once you smell it, you want to eat; once you eat it, you can’t wait to own it. That is the direct feeling as long as you taste it.
Walking in depth of the lane, people in line are waiting for this Hufeng Soup, a soup made of fishbone marched with rice noodles. Different from other rice, the taste of it is rather heavy and spicy.

    If you come to Hubuxiang for the first time, you might be confused about a strange smell and wonder what kind of food would ever give off this kind of stinky odor. The answer is Stinky Tofu. People sometimes cannot accept the smell of this snack, but as long as they get a bite on that, they would certainly be attracted by this tasty flavor.

    The aforementioned snacks are just a little part of this whole lane. What’s more, salty doughnut, soy-bean milk, soup buns, fried sauce noodles and twisted cruller are all the attractions to the locals and the tourists. Surprisingly, most owners of those breakfast shops are middle-aged locals. But it seems no one notices, because all people who visit here only focus on what they are going to eat.

    In Wuhan, locals call breakfast Guozao. Hubuxiang is a symbol of Guozao culture. There is even a theme song glorifying Hubuxiang. Hubuxiang is like a lodestone exciting the tourists at home and abroad. Taking a chance to taste the delicacy in Hubuxiang is just like experiencing the local culture deeply.