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Hitang Bay the golden like sand beach

Comparing to the bustle and busy Dadong Sea and Yalong Bay, the peaceful and quiet bay scenery at Haitang Bay in Sanya is unaccustomed. Haitang Bay is little-known to tourist and still developing.

Haitang Bay is 30 km from Sanya downtown, neighboring Yalong Bay in the south and mountains in the southwest. The position forms a well-protected natural bay. The bay, far away from city noises, has exquisite seashore scenery, is equal famous with Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Sea, Sanya Bay and Yazhou Bay.

Haitang Bay has the costal line of 20 km, possesses clean sea, blue sky, green hills, strange capes. What differs Haitang Bay from other bays is that the sands at Haitang Bay are golden and yellow color, not the white sands. Seen from afar, the beach is shining under sunlight like there are gold sands. At Haitang Bay, you can see very few tourists playing on the beach because Haitang Bay is too far and under developed. There are a few luxury resorts and hotels are locating here. That’s what makes Haitang Bay special.

The locals said there was a beautiful legend at Haitang bay. Once upon a time, the sea dragon king here lost his wife, who died. He was very sad and cast a spell therefore the fishermen had no gain in fishing. He said to a witch that if the locals gave him a beautiful girl to be his new wife, he would break the spell. A girl name Haitang came forward and offered herself as the dragon king’s wife although she had a lover. She threw herself and sank into the sea. Her lover couldn’t live alone and kept his promise then threw himself into the see too. In order to commemorate the girl, the locals named the bay Haitang Bay.