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Meifeng and Huangshanjian Islands in Thousand-Island Lake

Have you heard about Thousand-Island Lake near Hangzhou? Some tourists may hear about Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, but not Thousand-Island Lake. This lake enjoys the equal popularity with the Kingston Thousand-Island Lake in Canada and Yangxin Thousand-Island Lake in Hubei Province in China. In this article, Meifeng Island and Huangshanjian Island are focuses. Miefeng Island ranks No. 1 from the natural sightseeing. There is a saying goes, people fails to see the true face of Thousand-Island Lake without going to Meifeng Island.

Meifeng Island can be reached by cable car. Arriving by cable car to the viewing platform, numerous islands, in different sizes, are in full eyesight. Tourists can’t help highly praising the islands scattered in various shapes. On the cable car, tourists may have chance to see monkeys and some other animals through the Monkey Island.

Huangshanjian Island isn’t a large island, but no doubt shocking you by its pretty scenery from the peak top on the island. On the top, more than 90 islands, distributed like scattering pearls, are under panoramic view.