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Golden Like Namcha Barwa Holy Mountain in Nyingchi

Mt. Namcha Barwa (Namjaparwa), is a holy mountain that with confirmed location but has various beauties in a day. She shows you irreplaceable looks in different time, place and angel. The top of the mountain is surrounded by clouds all year round. So, it makes hard for tourists to see her appearance and got a nickname of Shy Lady Mountain.

Mt. Namcha Barwa, with altitude of 7782 meters, is the highest of Nyingchi area in Tibet and 28th highest peak in the world. Namcha Barwa is the holy place of Bonismo, which was originated from the ancient Zhang Zhung Kingdom of 18,000 years ago. The Bonismo is the oldest Buddhist Dharma in Tibet, even in human history.

On the back side of sunshine, the mountain, covering by clouds, looks like wearing a pure white hat or a Hada, a piece silk using for greeting gift by Tibetan people. When the sunlight shines on the mountain, she becomes bright and sparkling like a golden mountain on fire. Now, you may imagine this is just the living place for Buddha.