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Changkong Walking Trail,The Most Adventurous Walking Trail in Xian

Changkong Walking Trail is regarded as the most adventurous walking trail in Xian and even in China. Dating back to 700 years ago, it was built along the precipice at South Peak in Mt. Huashan. Chiseling some holes and putting one or two planks upon the rafters, this one-hundred-meter plank road was formed.

The whole walking tail is separated into three parts. The first part is 20-meter long and half-meter wide from Nantianmen to Zhaoyuan Cave. The road was built by cutting the cliff and some pilings are pushed into the stone in regular distance. The iron chains connect those pilings, so people feel much safer.

Approaching to the second part, you can only stand by some iron bars. Without the planks, it becomes extremely difficult. Because you have to walk down and the road is close to verticality. Suspending at the halfway of the mountain, only iron chain is available when climbing. Without handrails, the iron chain is the only thing to support you. How adventurous it is!

Arriving at the third part, the road turns to the plank road but it is narrower than the first part. The walking trail is only 30-centimeter wide at the vertical cliff face. When walking, you have to face the cliff and cling to the iron chain.

Known as the most challenging thing at Mt. Huashan, it attracts plenty of young people and adventurers every year. Want something exciting and challenge yourself? Just have a try! But it is better to have a second thought about your health before starting. Never underestimate how horrible and dangerous it is.