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March, a Feast of Canola in Luoping

As spring is approaching to the southern China, canola in Luoping is blooming this month. Owing to its landscape and climate, canola in Luoping blooms earlier and is distinctive from that in other areas.


Canola is seen everywhere at the countryside in southern China. Most of them bloom at the end of March or the beginning of April. However, canola in Luoping is in full blossom at the mid of March and last to first half of April.

Although Luoping isa small town in Yunnan, it plants about 1,400 hectares of canola. Some hills arescattered on the boundless canola sea. The picturesque scenery is thebonus for shutterbugs. In the misty morning, it is ideal to look out over apanorama of canola fields and hills. Sunrises and sunsets make the vista more charming. During spring, the sun rises at 7:00-7:30 and sets at 16:00-18:00.



The best shooting places are Luoshitian(螺丝田)at Ox Street(Niujie, 牛街)and Jinji Fengcong( 金鸡峰丛)at Gold Cock Village(Jinji Cun, 金鸡村).


To visit Luoping,Kunming is a popular stopover. There are trains and express buses available. It takes about 4 hours from Kunming to Luoping by bus or train. The tickets cost RMB40 to RMB80 (USD 6.5 to USD13).



Recommend itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Kunming before noon,take a bus/train to Luoping. Stay overnight at Luoping.

Day 2  Visit Jinji Fengcong in the morning and enjoysunset at Luoshitian if weather permits. Stay overnight at Luoping.

Day 3 Nine Dragon Waterfalls and Duoyi River visit. Stay overnight at Luoping.

Day 4 Return Kunming or head to Yuanyang Rice Terrace