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Walk along Xidi Ancient Town near Huangshan

Xidi Village is northwest of Huangshan Mountain. The knowledge to Xidi is not merely because of her well preserved ancient houses of Qing & Ming Dynasty, but also because of simplicity and purity of folk custom. It’s not appropriate to call Xidi as an attraction or scenic spot. Xidi is much like a land of peace far away from noise.


The people, who born in Xidi, are lucky. Visitors, who come here for her fame, are also lucky. They spend time at this peaceful village without any noise like that in city. You can not even smell gas because there motor is far away from here. Xidi is going out but still preserving with her purity.


Walk along with winding alley and step on stone terrace; you are like an actor who is performing a film for ancient times. White walls, black tiles are decorating these old houses. Horse Head Wall is the symbol of the folk house here. This kind of architecture is called Hui Style. Hui means Anhui Province, where Huangshan belongs to.


It’s not necessary to value the current price of archways, ancestral halls, gardens, bridges. People finally will find a place that hinds in a deep place. That is the value of culture.


Tour route to Xidi:

There are daily flights from Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and interval flights from Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Xiamen to Huangshan. Most visitors like to visit Xidi after finish Huangshan Mountain tour. It’s worthy to spend two or more days at accommodating at Xidi and also half day to enjoy a lifetime experience at Xidi.


Except flights, many visitors also choose trains or bus from the cities at Yangtze River Delta. Many shuttle buses are available between Huangshan and Hangzhou, only takes about 3 hours on the way. It takes about 6 hours bus between Shanghai and Huangshan. As to trains, if visitors like to cover Suzhou, that will be very convenient. There are overnight trains from Huangshan to Shanghai, stopping in Suzhou