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Mount Lu: Find out the Romantic Feeling in Autum

Mount. Lu

Autumn is coming. Do you wanna to be far away from the noisy city to enjoy red mountain scenery? If so, Mount Lu will be an ideal destination for you. Since a love film of “Love in Mount Lu” has become famous since 1980s, Mount Lu has been marked with “Romantic”. So, you can take your lover together with you to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery here!
Mount Lu located in the Basin of Poyang Lake stands outstandingly and toweringly with a altitude of more than 1000 meters. The cloud and mist lingering around the mountains all year around looks like chiffon for a girl partly hidden and partly visible, which makes visitors eager to enter into the mountain to discover it. Facing so many spots, visitors may be confused how to enjoy all of them. Herein, we would like to introduce 4 typical spots for you.   

First Spot: Five Old Peaks

The first recommended spot is a beautiful scenery Five Old Peaks which is made up of 5 connecting peaks created by the natural power just as its name implies, and also looks like five elders standing there steady and gracefully.

Note for visitors: it is quite steep dangerously; please be careful to walk there. It is suggested to visit Five Old Peaks as the first spot when visiting Mount Lu.  

Second Spot: Triple-lap Spring

The second spot is the Triple-lap Spring which is not far away from Five Old Peaks, with waterfalls plunging through three steps so as to be named as “Triple-lap”. The waterfalls with a drop of about 150 meters rush down successively like a strip of crystal curtain falling on a steep cliff with rolling sprays and turbids. If stand on the third lap to look up at the waterfalls, you will enjoy its tremendous momentum, which will be a shocked grand banquet of seeing and hearing.   

Third Spot: Lulin Lake and Ruqin Lake

Ruqin Lake

Many visitors who have been to Jiuzhaigou are fascinated with various colorful lakes and seas; but they don’t know there are 2 lakes in Mount Lu which can rival completely the lakes and seas in Jiuzhagou. Lulin Lake and Ruqin Lake are not always talked by people like Five Old Peaks and Triple-lap Spring, but they are 2 beautiful lakes boasting the reclusion culture of Mount Lu. 

Forth Spot: Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

It becomes cool now. In autumn, to have a hot spring is a nice way to wipe off the cold. Tianmu Hot Spring Resort known as “the most beautiful hot spring in the south region of Yangtze River”, located in the Shannan Scenic Zone of Mount Lu, faces Grand Hanyang Peak which is the highest peak of Mount Lu, and backs on the Huanglong Mountain Foot.