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Kongfu tour to Shaolin Temple

When it comes to Chinese Kung Fu Tours, it comes to Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan. Shaolin Kung Fu is the symbol of Chinese martial arts. All Kung Fu in China came from Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple locates at the foot of Wuru Hill at Dengfeng, Henan Province, two hours’ driving from Luoyang. The temple is original place of Shaolin Martial Arts. When we talk about Shaolin Temple, everyone reminds of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin disciples were ever invited to perform Kung Fu shows in many countries and areas all over the world. 

Chinese Kung Fu is fascinating and attracts audiences not only domestic but also overseas. The Queen Elizabeth II ever invited Shaolin disciples to perform a Kung Fu show in Buckingham Palace.

Even now, there are numerous fans coming to Chinae ven to haolin Temple from different places of the world just in order to realize their Kung Fu dreams. Since Shaolin Temple is near Luoyang with two hours’ driving time, Luoyang becomes a must-visit place for a tour combining Kung Fu culture and history. Except Luoyang, Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, is regarded as another arrival destination for Kung Fu tour. But Luoyang is the first choice.


Travelers can come from different directions in China. From north and west, there are flights and bullet trains from Beijing and Xian; in south and east, there are flights and overnight trains from Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, etc. In Luoyang, you should visit the most famous attractions, like White Horse Temple and Longmen Grottos, which take you a whole day to reminisce and admire the architectures that left by history.


Recommended itinerary:

Day 1 Arrival at Luoyangor Zhengzhou airport or station, be driven by nearly two hours to Shaolin Temple. Enjoy the authentic Kung Fu show by Shaolin disciples and then visit permanent temples, and last visit Tower Forest. Accommodate at nearby hotel.

Day 2 Today, you will have a natural trekking tour to Wuru Hill, where Shaolin Temple was built at the hill’s foot. Trekking route starts from monks’ courtyard, which also called Shibapan. And then walk to the entrance to Wuru Hill at the foot. On the route, travelers will visit Bodhidharma stature, hill ridge, Sanhuang Village, waterfall, Tower Forest and last back to Shaolin Temple. In the late afternoon, go back to Luoyang.
For further Tailor-made Shaolin Tour, please Contact Us. DCT will customize a perfect itinerary for you. 


It’s an alternative for travelers who visit Beijing but have no time to Shaolin Temple. There is a Shaolin Martial Arts School on the way from downtown to Badaling Great Wall. A tour combining Great Wall and Shaolin Kung Fu will be very attractive to travelers. Once arrival school, be welcome by lion dance show, and then visit school and watch martial arts show. Travelers will take pictures with the performers and learn Kung Fu with them.


If travelers don’t want to bother going too far to enjoy the Kung Fu Show, there is an easiest way. That is find a Kung Fu Show Theater and purchase tickets. There are many theaters offering Kung Fu Show every night,such as Chaoyang Theater in Beijing.