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A Bite of Hong Kong (1)

No matter you are a normal tourist, shopping-holic or gourmand, there is one place on the earth can make you satisfied. The name is absolutely well known for everyone - Hong Kong.

As a gourmand, I always consider Hong Kong as my mecca. This January, my dreams came true.

In Hong Kong many ingredients and food processing methods are very special, and therefore a dietary culture full of Hong Kong characters has then come into being. Hong Kong style cuisine bears the tradition of fresh and delicate Cantonese foods, with the trace of Yangtze culinary culture, and the elements of Western as well as Southeast Asian cuisine.

As famous capital of good food. There are over 10,000 Sino-Western restaurants in Hong Kong. To find out the local Hong Kong classics is not a easy job. But as a gourmand, when i thinking about the delicious food in Hong Kong, i got endless power to complete it! 

Top 5 Hong Kong local classics!

No.1 Recommendation 
Milk tea at Lan Fong Yuen
"Every city has certain foods and drinks which reinforce its identity and Hong Kong is fortunate to have pantyhose milk tea," said Craig Au Yeung, a Hong Kong food writer

Hong Kong-style milk tea is a popular part of many Hong Kong people's daily life, typically served as part of afternoon tea. Hong Kong-style milk tea consists of Ceylon black tea, evaporated milk and sugar, the tea at the bottom and evaporated milk on top. Hong Kongers like to say that in a cup of superior milk tea the taste of milk should be stronger than the tea. Different ingredients and cooking methods produce various flavors. By and large, milk tea is standard fare in Hong Kong-style Western restaurants and Cha Chaan Teng, as well as Hong Kong's historic Dai Pai Dong (a Hong Kong-style outdoor restaurant). Nowadays, Hong Kong-style milk tea has become a symbol of Hong Kong culture. In Hong Kong films actors frequently mention it in dialogues.

Lan Fong Yuen (a Hong Kong-style Cha Chaan Teng), situated in Central, is famous for its original Hong Kong-style milk tea and has a history of over 50 years. Often described as the "founder of milk tea," Lan Fong Yuen currently has two locations in the city. The original shop is still holding at Gage Street, where customers are frequently found sipping on their iced milk teas amid boxes and stock. Starting in the 1950s, founder Lum Muk Ho concocted milk tea by adapting the techniques used for Hainanese coffee. The tea goes through a nude-coloured sackcloth strainer into a copper teapot before being served either hot or cold. Here, the natural aromas of the tea are still very strong and can be enjoyed either with or without sugar. Lan Fong Yuen has also recently opened a larger branch in Tsim Sha Tsui.