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One day Chongqing City Tour to Hongya Cave, Jiefangbei, Ciqikou Ancient Town

Fanny, website designer of DCT, departed with her friends for annual trip to Chengdu, Chongqing, Leshan and Emei Mountain. Her first stop was Chongqing, which got another name of Mountain City. The mountains in Chongqing are different from hills in Guilin. They are large but not high with high buildings and large mansions standing on. Chongqing’s beauty reflects on comparison of the normal mountain landscape and gray sky, dim architectures, noisy streets.

Fanny arrived in Chongqing at midnight and was very hungry after check in. As Chongqing’s snacks are well known throughout China, they decided to take a try to the local pungent and spicy snacks sidewalk food stall. The stall boss introduced spicy soup, barbecue, beer and we tasted. It’s different from Guilin’s snacks. It’s not only spicy but also pungent thus they have to order bottles of beer.

Fanny heard that there are many noodle restaurants in Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street. So, their first step to Jiefangbei comes very naturally next day and it proved right. Among the overseas travelers, Chongqing is always known as a wharf to board on Yangtze River Cruise between Yichang. In fact, Chongqing is like a book with deep connotation, requiring visitors to read it with heart and eyes. If coming to Chongqing, several attractions should be introduced and included into the schedule, for example, Hongya Cave (a Chongqing style stilted building complex), Huguang Guild Hall (a friendly guild hall built by Hubei and Hunan provinces in 1808 of Qing Dynasty), People’s Great Hall (a symbol of Chongqing just like Tiananmen Square in Beijing). What’s attractive is Qicikou Ancient Street, which is a street existing for thousand years. The Chongqing style architecture and folk customs were well remained in the street. It mainly features at handicrafts works, delicious snacks, busy tea houses, mini bars, and so on. Among the delicious snacks, Mahua (fried dough twist) in Chen’s shop is most popular. If you see a long queue in Ciqikou, that’s must at the Chen’s Mahua shop. The Mahua tastes crisp and sweet, becoming one of the symbols of Ciqikou.

    Before finishing the trip, Fanny arrived at Chaotianmen Wharf to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chongqing. Chaotianmen Whatrf is just where Yangtze Cruise ships boarding place. It’s said that Chongqing’s night scene is much beautiful than Hong Kong or Shanghai. The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. Chongqing’s beauty is waiting for your exploration.