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Leshan Giant Buddha Cruise Trip

After Chongqing city tour, the next stop would be Chengdu of cause. Considering Chengdu city tour is easy to arrange, Fanny decided to visit Leshan and Emei in following two days. Xinnanmen Bus Station provides many shuttle buses between Chengdu and Leshan bus stations. Leshan Giant Buddha is 145 km north of Chengdu, takes about two hours’ driving or bus. Fanny rent a car instead of took shuttle bus because they got up late and ran out of time.

Leshan Giant Buddha is the biggest Buddha in China and the world. It’s very common to visit the Buddha not only by walking from the foot, but also by cruise on Minjiang River entering from anther entrance. The entrance of entering the foot of the Buddha is not the one where purchasing cruise tickets. In another words, Buddha scenic spot and cruise are separated. Since time doesn’t permit, cruise became their first choice.

The cruise ship departed to the river central on the rushing current of Minjiang River. In the presentation of the guide, we suddenly saw a sleeping Buddha along the river. That Buddha is just the mountain where the Giant Buddha is sitting. In a Chinese saying descries Leshan Giant Buddha, Mountain is a statue of Buddha; Buddha is a Mountain. Once the cruise confronting with the Buddha, the overall appearance jumped into sight. The statue is huge, solemn and respectful. It’s hard to imagine how the ancient people constructed the Buddha.

When the cruise was in front of the Buddha, the visitors inside the Buddha attraction were struggling to climb from the foot to the top with very slow pace because it was so crowded. It proved right and lucky for Fanny taking a cruise.

It was late afternoon after they depart Leshan to Emei Mountain by two hours’ driving. In order to see as many as attractions on Emei Mountain, Qingyin Pavilion shall be an ideal place for accommodation. Qingyin Pavilion is at the low area with nearby attractions of Thin Strip of Sky, Monkey Ecological Area, Hongchunping, White Dragon Cave, Wannian Temple. The high area has Leidongping, Taiziping and Golden Summit. In order to preserve energy, Fanny finished their today’s trip at Qingyin Pavilion, checked in at hotel and slept earlier.