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Emei Mountain Trip

In previous travel notes, tour came to the night accommodation at the hotel in hillside near Qingyin Pavilion. Tour continued after a good rest and starts from a refreshing morning. Fanny got up early to Wugangling and purchased bus ticket to Leidongping. The bus took them through winding mountain roads. Scenery along the road looked picturesque in endless whiteness. Upon arrival, all the travelers on the bus got off the bus in jubilate and took pictures as the white background.

Leidongping is close to Jieyin Palace by hiking within thirty minutes because the slope is gentle and easy to hike. At Jieyin Palace, travelers can take cable car tickets to Taiziping with only a few minutes. Getting out from cable car station, they reached to a large and long stairs with stone elephants standing aside. You can see many stone or gilded elephant on Emei Mountain, looks like you are in Thailand. In fact, Emei Mountain is the Taoist rites for Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, who rided white elephant standing at the right side at Sakyamuni Buddha. Keeping walking, the world tallest four-faced Samantabhadra Bodhisattva figure was appeared in the thick fog. Here the Golden Summit was reached. The golden figure has 48 meters’ height, symbolizes 48 wishes of Amitabha. At the bottom of the figure, there are numerous small Buddha figures.

Crossing the golden figure, they walked through a large and long stairs and arrived at a beautiful sightseeing path, from where travelers can have a panoramic view to the scenery of the mountains if weather permits. It was getting late afternoon when they decided to go down to visit Baoguo Temple at the foot of Emei Mountain. They went back to Leidongping to get on a bus back to the Bus Station at the mountain foot and then transferred to another bus to Chengdu.