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Xinjiang Exploration in May

April is almost passed with abundant rainfall in most of China, while May is coming in a week. We always consider May a preferable time for traveling with temperature neither hot nor cold, climate neither moisture nor dry. Looking at China, it’s no doubt to think of Xinjiang when it comes to cool place. As the most important way for Silk Road, Xinjiang owns splendid scenic spots than anywhere else related to Silk Road.

The first impression that Xinjiang shows us is the vast area, all kinds of lifestyle, diverse nationalities and religions. In May, Xinjiang farewells the short spring and is ready to welcome summer. Ice and snow is melting and the water nourishing various plants. Mountains become gorgeous; wild flowers are in full blossom along with the elevation of altitude and latitude. Apart from natural sightseeing in northern area, we can discover the exotic history and culture in southern area.
The transportation in Xinjiang is much more convenient than the past. Plane can reach many areas such as northern Urumqi, Hami, Altay, Ili, southern Kashgar, Kucha, Korla, Aksu. Therefore, seven to ten days enables you to have an overview to both northern and southern Xinjiang.

DCT is promoting Silk Road adventure tour for May, PCSL21.