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China Tour Guide

The best destinations in China for travelling alone

Apr 07, 2016

The best destinations in China for travelling aloneThe warmest destination: Sanya in HainanThe most fashionable: Shanghai or Hong KongThe most poetic: Lijiang in...

Our Visit to Beihai Silver Beach

Apr 07, 2016

Last Christmas, all the staff of Discover China Tours went to Beihai Silver Beach enjoy the holidays. Lying on the coastlines in the suburb south of Beihai, Guangxi...

Update Report: WHO RISK ASSESSMENT of H7N9 on 10 May 2013

Apr 07, 2016

WHO has issued a risk assessment about H7N9 on 10th May 2013.WHORISK ASSESSMENTHumaninfections with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus10 May 2013SummaryA total of 131...

President No. 7 on Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Apr 07, 2016

President No. 7, the world’s biggest inland river deluxe cruise ship, set her virgin voyage on Yangtze River on April 10, carrying more than 400 passengers of home and...

Xishuangbanna minority tour

Apr 07, 2016

Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, called Xishuangbanna, locates at the southern part of Yunnan Province. In ancient Dai language, her name means ideal and...

Kongfu tour to Shaolin Temple

Apr 07, 2016

When it comes to Chinese Kung Fu Tours, it comes to Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan. Shaolin Kung Fu is the symbol of Chinese martial arts. All Kung Fu in...