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Half to one day trolling tour in downtown Guilin City

How to discovery downtown Guilin with social distance? Trolling is the best choice. Trolling around Guilin downtown, you could not only enjoy pretty scenery at close range, but also do some exercise during sightseeing.

We will star our trolling from South Gate Bridge, it is a city bridge on South Zhongshan Road, we are going to walk along Ancient South Moat of Guilin City (it is a part of Peach Blossom River now). Before that, we will enjoy our first spot – Shengshui Dan which was built in 1376, it was used to guide the water from Peach Blossom River to Ancient South Moat of Guilin, at the same time, connected the Peach Blossom River and Li River, in order to protect the ancient Guilin.

After 10-minute walk, you will see a dagoba on the other side of the moat, it is Kaiyuan Dagoba. It is now standing in the ruins of Kaiyuan Temple. The dagoba was built in the 18th year of Hongwu Emperor during Ming Dynasty (1385), it is a Lama style brick pagoda, 13.22 meters tall. the pedestal is square and the body looks like a vase. Its original colour is white; but during the World War Two, for protecting the dagoba, local people colour it to black.

After another 10-minte walk along the river, go pass the crossing, you will arrive the gate of Elephant Trunk Hill Park. The Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin City, it is not only a park for landscapes, but also a park full of history and local culture.
If you don’t want to go into park, you could have a rest in Alice Café on the top floor of Jolie Vue Boutique Hotel. In the Café, you could have a bird’s view of Elephant Trunk Hill and around.

Walk along River Side Road (Binjiang Road), the road is one of the most beautiful city roads in Guilin, ancient camphor trees on both sides of the road make a green backdrop, local people always love to singing, dancing, playing music on the river side. After 15-mintes walking, we will see our first bridge – Liberation Bridge.

The Liberation bridge was first built in 1939 for Anti-Japan War, because Guilin was a super important city connect the centre of China and Indo-China Peninsula. The original bridge is 181 meters long, 11 meters wide. In October 1944 and July 1945, the Japanese air force had bombed the bridge twice, the bridged was destroyed completely. The bridge was rebuilt in 1951, it was the same style of the original one. And in 1999, the old bridge was demolished because of the city overall reconstruction. Now, the Liberation Bridge is 284-meter long and 45-meter wide.

Walk forward, we will see a tower named “Xiaoyao Tower” it is the corner of East and West Alley and the Jingjiang Palace. East and West Alley archaize streets and the Jingjiang Palace was the ancient palace for Jingjiang price in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and the official selection examination compound in Qing Dynasty (1644 -1912). Now it is not only a historical spot, but also a part of Guangxi Normal University, keeps on training teachers and students. Solitary Beauty Peak in the palace is one of the best places to enjoy the bird’s view of the city (the other two was the Fubo Hill and Moon Peak of Piled Silk Hill, you could choose one of them.).
If you are interested in Inscriptions on Cliffs, Solitary Beauty Peak is a highlight you should not miss.

Troll out of the north gate of Jingjiang Palace, walk along the Fengbei Road to Fubo Hill and then turn north to the Longzhu Road, in the end (10-minute walk from Fubo Hill), is Piled Silk Hill. You could choose one of them to troll to the top. Both of them are located by the side of Li River, have got many Inscriptions on Cliffs, bas-reliefs on precipices and ancient ruins.

After these parks, we say good-by to Li River, come to the lakes’ view area. The rivers and the lakes are the moats of Ancient Guilin.
Next highlight is Baoji Hill by the side of Guihu Lake, it is famous for its earliest bas-reliefs on precipices in Guilin, the reliefs could date back to Jiayou Emperor of North Song Dynasty (1056 - 1063). The gardening and the bridges in Guihu Lake are the highlights.

If you are really interested in bas-reliefs, Liuma Hill, where is a niche spot to visitors, is the spot you should go to. It’s a whole story about figures of Buddha and providers. you should take some more walks, go across the Guanyi Bridge, along xinyi Road, to a bus stop name “East of Jiashan Tunnel”, turn right, you will see the bas-reliefs just on the side of the street. It will take you 30-minute walk there.

The bridges along Guihu Lake include: Xiqing Bridge, Guanyi Bridge, Lize Bridge and Kaixuan Bridge. We recommend the Xiqing Bridge the most. Xiqing Bridge is a wooden bridge only for pedestrian. The design was inspired by the Mathematical Bridge over the River Cambridge. The Mathematical Bridge is a single-arch, and the Xiqing Bridge is a two-arches, it could not only offer enough space for the cruises and boats, but also combine itself to a part of the scenery.

Walk along Yiwu Road, the east side of Guihu Lake, the colours of the plants will tell you the story of seasons. when you walk beside the Kaixuan Bridge and see Guilin City Library, we come to Ronghu Lake. Walk along the lake, you will see the oldest ancient city gate of Guilin – ‘Ancient South City Gate of Tang Dynasty’, it was built in 621 AD, with a history of more than 1300 years. The old one was bombed during World War Two.

After a long walk, you could have a rest in the Island of Ronghu Lake, a cup of tea, some Din Sum, peaceful view in the centre of the lake.

Walk forward, we will come to Shanhu Lake, the Sun Pagoda and the Moon Pagoda is the highlight, especially in the evening; with full moon beside – Wow, it is fantastic! There is an underwater tunnel you would walk from the moon to the sun.

Last but not the least, if you choose to do the trolling at the weekend (Fri. and Sat.), you could go to the Centre Square (by the side of Shanhu Lake to enjoy the waterfall show at 8:00 pm. The show is on the walls of Li River Waterfall Hotel, and it is free.

Before the show, you could troll in the Zhengyang Shopping Street, there are lots of snacks and restaurants. Kali Mirch Indian Cuisine is our favourite.