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What to See in Yangshuo for a Whole Year

Still hesitate to choose the best travel time? Just come here whenever you like. Sightseeing or adventure, you can get both of them in Yangshuo! When you come, you heart will never leave.


Spring Festival is approaching at the end of this month, but local people need about the whole month to prepare and welcome this big event. Yangshuo is busy than ever! Natives are buying Nianhuo which is a special shopping for New Year goods, like couplets, Fu picture .etc. it is the best time to visit the local market and experience how locals prepare for their Spring Festival. On the lunar New Year’s Eve, enjoy the family reunion dinner and set off the fireworks at a local family is a good choice.


Lantern Festival is on the February 11th. Local people will make Tangyuan, a kind of ball-like glutinous rice dough with stuffed with fillings. It symbols reunion and staying together. Join them, make Tangyuan, taste it and enjoy the colorful and enjoy the lantern display and riddles at Yangshuo Park.

March to April

The best time to enjoy the landscape in Yangshuo by biking or hiking. Go to the countryside, flowers are full blossom, white pear flowers, yellow canola, and pink peach flower. After raining, Yangshuo looks like a fairy land in the misty.
You also can spend the Niu Wang Festival on the April 8th of lunar calendar, the birthday of OX King. Local famers will cook the black glutinous rice to reward their farming cattle. They also prepare a feast to celebrate it.


In May, paying a visit to Fuli Ancient Town is not bad. There is a unique traditional festival- Wu Yue Ba( May 8th of lunar calendar). The celebration will include prayer at Mazu Temple, parade, local opera show. A parade is held on the town, including dragon dance, lion dance and stilt walking. At this time, people prepare various snacks. We like one local dish-Niang(vegetable stuffed with pork filling). Yummy!


Market day on June 23rd of lunar calendar is held in Baisha Town and it is also the busiest day for local people. Local people will play some games and give some performances. After watching the show, we can do the bamboo rafting along Yulong River and enjoy the countryside view.

July to October

Nice time to do Li River Cruise or bamboo rafting on the sunny days. Fruits are harvested now, so we can take a bike to nearby town at the market day and buy some green and juicy fruits. All the goods are made or planted by the local farmers. Well, we also have alternative to visit the Silver Cave to see magic of karst landscape and be away from the hot.


In Yangshuo, Rock Climbing Festival attracts many rock climbers. Unique landscape provide perfect place for them to experience adventure and challenge.


Yangshuo Fishing Festival is another big event. Cormorant fishing and fireworks are the highlights. In ancient Yangshuo, fishermen made living by cormorant fishing. When night falls, they lighted the torches, took their bamboo raft with their cormorants to Li River to catch fish. Hundreds of fishermen worked as a team and torches brighten the Li River. With the development of modern fishing methods, cormorant fishing is going to disappear. The government held this festival from 1999 to protect this tradition.