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3 Days Changping Valley Traversing Trekking to Bipeng Valley

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3 Days 3 Cities: Chengdu,Ngawa,Mt. Siguniang 17 pics
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Day 1: Meet you at your hotel in Mt. Siguniang Town, take vehicle to Lamasery, and star our 15 km trekking to Muluozi Campsite. Encamp in Muluozi.

Your indigenous guide meet you at your hotel in town at 9:00 am. Today's trekking is not hard, 15 km, about 5 hours, along Changping Valley. the altitude from the town is 3100 m to Muluozi Campsite is 3700 m. The main sceneries include: Tangbai Ancient Path, Longdong, Buckthorn Forest, Kumutan, Xiaganhaizi Lake, Shangganhaizi Lake, Lianghekou, Hongshizhen (red rocks), and Muluozi.
Meals: Bring your own foods for 3 days. If request food service, please tell us in advance.
Accommodation: Bring your own tent. If request tent service, please teel us in advance.
Notes (Very Important):
1. Ever group will have a indigenous guide (could not speak English) in all program. The guide will give you the direction and show you how to do when emergency. Mt. Siguniang do not have local English speaking guide, we will arrange an English speaking guide from Chengdu.
2. If you do not specified, our service defaults: you cover your foods and accommodation during the program (there is not any restaurant in all program). If you need us to prepare the food and accommodation for you, you should require in advance.
3. About horses service. We could arrage horses to help you with your outfits/backpacks on day 1 and day 2. The horses could not climb over the puerto, so you should carry your heavy backpacks to climb over the puerto, or you could rent a indigenous people to help you with your backpacks. Pleae require in advance.
4. We could not make campfire in Muluozi Campsite, if you need to make a campfire, we could camp in Dashuiba for the first night where is 3 km to Muluozi.
5. Two campsites in day 1 and day 2 are with water source, please drink after boiled. Or, please take your own drinking water.

Day 2: We will get up around 8:00 am, and star our today's 14 km trekking around 9:30 am: along the valley, we will trek from Muluozi to Chazi Valley in 5 hr

Today is anouther adaptative trekking day, you will enjoy amazing views from deep Changping Vally
 to Chazi Valley, the 14 km trekking will take you about 5 hours, and we will arrive Chazi Valley Campsite around 2: 30 pm. The altitude is from 3700 - 4000 m. Walking around the valley, and sleep after dark. We will get up really early tomorrow morning.
Meals: Bring your own.
Accommodation: Bring your own.

Day 3: We will get up around 1:30 am and star our program at 3:00 am. We should climb over the puerto to Bipeng Valley before 12:00 at noon.

Today we will get up very early, around 1:30 am, then star our hardest part of this program today: climb over the puerto to Bipeng Valley. The altitude will be from 4000 - 4668 - 3400 m.
1. Star from Chazi Valley at 3: 00 am, use 3 hours up to the puerto for the sunrise. The slope greather than 45 degrees with lots of rocks, you should pay attention and follow your indigenous guide. In altitude 4585 m, there is a party ledge, if meet bad weather, we will stop here. Please follow the conducting of your guide.
2. Enjoy the sunrise and sea of clouds on the puerto, and take a rest.
3. In the following 4 hours, you will pay really attention to your down mountain path, especially in snow season. The slope greather than 60 degrees in someplace. Here we will have another indigenous guide, please follow the him.
4. After walk through a forest, we will arrive the scenic of Bipeng Valley, we will take shuttle bus from Sankeshu Campsite to the Entrance of Bipeng Valley. End of Service.
Meals: Bring your own.
1. The indigenous guide from Changping Valley will service you till the puerto, and the guide from Bipeng Valley will keep on from the puerto.
2. If you would like to take a good rest and keep on visit Bipeng Valley which is located on the north of Mt. Siguniang, please let us know, we could arrange the accommodation (hotel or guest house in the valley) with food and beverage.
Service Include:
1. English speaking guide during the program.
2. Indigenous guide during the program.
3. Outdoor activiy permit of Mt. Siguniang.
4. Entrance tickets of Changping Valley and Bipeng Valley.
5. Transfer (bus) from your hotel in Mt. Siguniang Town to Lamasery of Changping Valley, and Sankeshu Campsite to entrance of Bipeng Valley.
6. Meals under your requirement.
7. Tents under your requirement.
8. Horses carrying your backpacks under your requirement.
Physical Rating: Standard +

What to take:
1. Technical Equipments: snow goggles, gaiters and alpenstocks.
2. Personal Equipments:
trekking shoes (water proof),
backpack (with rain cover),
sleeping bag (water proof, temperature scale -10 degree centigrade),
moisture-proof pad (air inflation type is better),
quick-drying clothes (coat, pants, underwear),
Water proof jackets and pants,
Fleece jackets and pants,
cap, socks and water proof gloves,
towel, toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrush,
tableware, vacuum cup (hot water is really important in low temperature), Army Knife and kindling,
head lamp (with standby battery),
suncreen and lipstick,
rain gear, garbage bag,
personal medicines,
(the following equipments you could take by yourself or ask Discover China Tour to prepare for you):
double layer mountain tent,
burner and gas tank,
cooking utensil.
3. foods:
Except camp foods, you could take some candys, chocolates, snickers and ship biscuit.
4. Medicines:
altitude sickness medicine,
motion sickness medicine,
anti-diarrhea medicine,
other medicines include: analgesic, cold medication, antipyretics, etc.

1. There is no airport near Changping Valley of Mt. Siguniang, the only way there is to rent a vehicle or take long distance bus from Chengdu City (220 km, 4.5 hours private vehicle driving). If you book this package, we could arrange you a transfer service from and back to Chengdu.
2. If you need meals, tents, horses and other service during this program, please contact us.
3. Every one should get a permit if camping and trekking in Mt. Siguniang area. We do not offer only permit service.
4. This is a trekking in heigh altitude area, please take your physical condition into consideration. If you feel not good, please stop on day 1 or day 2.
5. Please protect the environment, take your garbages with you or hang on the tree in campsite as the direction of what your indigenous guide tell you to do. The administrative office of Mt. Siguniang will collect these garbages on trees.  Do not put on floor because the plastic bag and other garbages is dangerous to yaks.
6. You should have a indigenous guide, especially climb the puerto, do not trek by yourself, you must attention, you are in high altitude area, the program is altitude from 3100 - 4668 m, and the gradient and rocks will make you in dangerous.


Day 1:

Changping Valley

Day 2:

Changping Valley
Chazi Valley

Day 3:

Bipeng Valley