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7 Days Shanxi photographer Tour to Yuncheng, Linfen and Pingyao

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7 Days 5 Cities: Yuncheng,Sanmenxia,Linfen,Pingyao,Jiexiu 10 pics
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Day 1: All day Yuncheng program to take photo in Yuncheng Salt Lake.

Today we will have all day photo program in Yuncheng Salt Lake.

--Yuncheng Salt Lake is one of the three largest inland salt lakes of sodium sulfate type in the world. Visitors could enjoy floating, black mud bath, hot spring, spectacle photography and bird watching here.
The color of Yuncheng Salt Lake could change with the temperature, in summer, you could photo the colorful salt lake, and in the winter when the temperature lower than 5 ℃, the salt flowers will bloom. With the sunlight and types of birds, here is a paradise to photographer.
There are more and more wild birds stay or overwintering in Yuncheng Salt Lake, you might see more than 120 types of birds all years round. The pop star of salt lake is a family of greater flamingo, they stay here since 2014, only two birds at the beginning, and now you will see eight of them.Except that, you might watch many overwintering birds, such as great bustard, white wagtail, Recurvirostra avosetta, ciconia nigra, magpie, tern, night heron, stilt, etc.

Meal: lunch
Overnight in Yuncheng

Day 2: All day program from Yuncheng to Sanmenxia for the Habitate of Swan Lake and Diyin Underground Courtyard. After that, drive back to Yuncheng.


After breakfast, we will drive about 1 hour (60 km) from Yuncheng to Sanmenxia to photo in the Habitate of Swan Lake and the Diyin Underground Courtyard. After all program, drive back to Yuncheng.

--Habitate of Swan Lake is a ecotope in the center of Sanmenxia City for protecting swans overwintering from Siberia. A large number of swans (over 10000 swans) will live here from November to the next March. Birdwatchers and photographers can see large number of swans looking for food and playing here every winter.

--The Diyin Underground Courtyard is distributed in Sanmenxia City of Henan Province, Yuncheng City of Shanxi Province and Longdong District of Gansu Province, among which Sanmenxia City has the most complete preservation. Up to now, there are still more than 100 villages living in the underground courtyards. Generally, a Diyin Underground Courtyard is about 30 meters long and 10 meters deep. The courtyard is dug from the ground. And then dig cave dwelling living rooms, kitchen and restroom on 3 sides of the courtyard, and the rest is for the entrance path.

Meal: lunch
overnight in Yuncheng

Day 3: Today we will drive from Yuncheng to visit Yellow River Hukou Waterfall.

Drive about 3 hours from Yuncheng to Yellow River Hukou Waterfall in the border of Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces. After all program, we will stay in Linfen.

--Yellow River Hukou Waterfall is the second largest waterfall in China.The width of the waterfall changes with the season, usually 30 meters wide but increasing to 50 meters during flood season. It has a fall of over 20 meters. When the Yellow River surges towards the Hukou Mountain, blocked by mountains on both sides, its width is abruptly narrowed down to 20-30 meters. The water speeds up with increasing water power. 

Meal: lunch
Overnight in Linfen

Day 4: Today we will drive from Linfen to Mianshan (Mt. Mianshan), on the way, we will visit Guangsheng Temple Feihong Colored Glaze Tower.

Today we will drive from Linfen to Mt. Mianshan in Jiexiu County, on the way, we will have a stop in Hongtong County to visit a famous Buddhist temple -- Guangsheng Temple and take photo for the splendid Feihong Colored Glaze Tower and beautiful view from the tower. We will stay in the hotel on the Mianshan.

--Guangsheng Temple was first built in East Han Dynasty (147 BC), and because of earthquakes and wars, the temple rebuilt several times, now except the Feilong Colored Glaze Tower, all constructions were built in Yuan Dynasty (1303-1305).

--Feihong Colored Glaze Tower is one of the five Sakyamuni Buddhist relics ancient tower in China, it is also the only one with craftsman's title, the largest and most complete five colored glaze tower. The 13 floors buddhist tower use lots of colored glaze to do the decoration, especially the first to third floors, with lots of statues and carving. The tower now you visit was rebuilt from 1516-1622 BC, it is the Ming Dynasty in China. You will have an amazing photo of the tower under the sunlight.

Meal: lunch
Overnight in Mt. Mianshan

Day 5: All days program in Mt. Mianshan.

On Mt. Mianshan, y ou could not only photo splendid mountain view, but also types of buildings, temples, sky-walk path on the cliff.

--Mianshan not only has cloud sea, sun-rise and sun-set; but also has lots of cultural relics built on the mountain cliff side. such as Daluo Palace, over-bridge and Yunfeng Temple, etc.
The Daluo Palace was built on the mountainside cliff, the architectures cover an area of 30,000 square meters, the tallest building is over 110 meters. 
The over-bridge is 300 meters long and 1 meter wide on the cliff, 80 meters to the top of the mountain and 300 meters to the foot, the cloud sea will make you feel like immortal walking on the cloud. 
Yunfeng Temple is a Buddhist temple on a huge cave (180 meters long, 50 meters deep and 60 meters high).The sculptures and inscriptions in Yunfeng Temple are from Tang to Ming Dynasty. Except the temple, Iron Chain ridge plank road is the highlight, it was built for hanging praying bell.

Meal: lunch
Overnight in Jiexiu or Mianshan

Day 6: Today is a folk culture relics photo day to Wang Courtyard, Zhangbi Castle and Zishou Temple.

Today we will go to the largest private folk courtyard in North China -- Wang Courtyard, Castle Village Zhjangbi and Zishou Temple which is with graceful colored statues.

--Wang Courtyard. Acclaimed as the "First Folk Residence in Cathay", the Grand Wang Courtyard is the largest-existing folk residence cluster in China and a model of the merchant family′s residence in North China, demonstrating the quintessence of Chinese architectural art and cultural values. 

--Zhangbi Castle is a Castle village  integrating military, residential, production, astrology and religious activities in China. Zhangbi Castle is built according to the ancient Chinese concept of astrology. The buildings layout corresponds to the 28 constellation in the sky. 

--Zishou Temple is famous for its graceful colored statues, especially the exquisite statues of the eighteen disciples of Buddha. The name "Zishou" originally meant "ensuring the longevity of all creatures. 

Meal: lunch
Overnight in Pingyao

Day 7: All day free photo in Pingyao Ancient City.

All day photo in Pingyao Ancient City, you could photo in Ming and Qing Street, City Tower, Rishengchang, Yamun, Confucius Temple, City Wall, etc.

--Pingyao Ancient City is a well-preserved historic city and also a prototype of ancient Chinese city.  It occupies a total area of 2.25 sq km, has a population of 42,000, and largely maintains its historical appearance of the Ming and Qing periods (1368-1911). 

Meal: N/A
Overnight in Pingyao
Service includes: 
*Hotel accommodations with breakfast as specified (but hotels are subject to change to the same category before finally confirmed).
*Transportation between cities as specified in the itinerary.
*All meals as specified in the itinerary.
*Transfers among airports & hotels as specified in the itinerary by private car or coach with driver & English-speaking guide.
*Entrance fees for sightseeing as outlined in the itinerary.
*Travel insurance in mainland China during the above travel period. 
*Arrangements for the planning, handling, operational and communication charges.

** Do not suggest you to visit during Chinese public holiday vacations such as the May Labor's Day (1st -3th May), Chinese National Day (1st - 7th Oct), Chinese Spring Festival (depends the Chinese Lunar Calendar).

** This program is not only for photographer, but also for the visitors could like to discover further natural and cultural relics in West Shanxi Province. These area have many ancient folk custom relics.


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