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One Day Zhaoxing Dong Village Non-shopping Bus Tour

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1 Day 2 Cities: Guiyang,Zhaoxing 5 pics
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Day 1: 肇兴侗寨一日游,round-way bullet trains and sightseeing to Zhaoxing Dong Village

1 贵阳-肇兴侗寨-贵阳

交通时间: 110分钟

0720分贵阳火车北站集合出发,乘参考车次D2801次动车(0846/1020分)前往从江。 根据出票车次时间为准(提前一天会短信告知,请保持电话畅通)自行前往贵阳北站自动取票机凭有效证件取票后乘坐动车前往从江,抵达从江火车站由当地导游接团.


Day 1 Guiyang-Zhaoxing-Guiyang

Transfer via: bullet train by DCT arrangement

In the morning, you have to go to Guiyang North Station on your own. We will book the train tickets online and then you will issue the tickets at the train station by yourself. For your information, the train will be D2801(08:46-10:20). Your tour guide will confirm the exact time one day in advance.

Upon arrival at Congjiang station, local guide will meet you and transfer you to Zhaoxing Dong Village.


景点: 肇兴侗寨

建议游玩时间: 7分钟

抵达后乘车约15分钟,前往中国最美的六大乡村古镇之一、鼓楼艺术之乡、歌海之乡的肇兴侗寨。 1000观看迎宾表演。 1100观看当地少数民族歌舞表演约1小时:听侗族大歌、看侗戏、侗族敬酒歌、拦路歌、迎宾酒(门票包含表演,若下雨或农忙会取消,但无退费)。 中餐后参观肇兴古建筑群,肇兴侗寨坐落在高山环抱的一个大凹槽里,是全世界最大而又最古老的侗寨,寨里有5座气势雄伟、建筑独特的鼓楼,这在侗族地区是罕见的,旁有花桥,下有清流,沿河便是一排排侗家吊脚楼,甚为壮观;全寨被参天古树和茂林修竹所围绕,寨内流水潆回,吊脚楼房屋、晒禾架、鱼塘和风雨桥四陈,井然有序,寨、楼、桥、河浑然一体,掩映在绿树浓荫中。游毕乘车约15分钟前往从江高铁站,乘高铁返回,结束愉快的游程!

Attraction: Zhaoxing Dong Village

More than 900 households live here, and it is packed with 5 drum towers, 5 theatrical stages, 6 Wind-rain bridges and 3 traditional wooden village gates; it is the largest Dong village in China at present.

10:00  enjoy welcome show

11:00 enjoy the local performance: Kam Grand Choirs, Dong play and local songs

After lunch, explore the village to see the drum towers, wind-rain bridges and wooden houses, taste the local snacks and have a glance of local life.


建议用餐时间: 45分钟 是否含餐: 是


Lunch included: CNY25 per person. If you like to have your own lunch, we will refund you CNY25.

The Price Include:

A.Transfer between train station and attractions

B. Chinese-speaking guide
C. Entrance tickets as indicated in the itinerary

D. Simple Chinese lunch

E. Bullet train(second class seat): Guiyang-Zhaoxing, Zhaoxing-Guiyang

This tour offers Chinese-speaking guide only, if you need English-speaking guide, please feel free to contact us.


Day 1:

Zhaoxing Dong Village