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Mt. Siguniang Detailed Travel Guide and Tips

Western Sichuan, a more and more popular destination in China; and Mt. Siguniang Scenic Area is the highlights.That is why we make the theme on Mt. Siguniang, to introduce you different fun and travel modes further more, the most detailed travel tips. When you visit Mt. Siguniang Scenic Area, you do not go to mountaineering, although mountaineering is on of the travel modes in Mt. Siguniang. To regular visitors, the attraction of Mt. Siguniang is to view and experience, not to climb -- alpine meadows, forests, pasture, alpine lakes, jokuls, Jiarong Tibetan and other aborigines, these all elements show you a Mt. Siguniang features landscape.

How to travel Mt. Siguniang Scenic Area?

1. To regular visitors: Usually in the sense of touring Mt. Siguniang means visiting 3 valleys near Mt. Siguniang (altitude 3100 - 3600 M), they are Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Vally. In Shuangqiao Valley, you could take shuttle bus from the entrance to the end; and in Changping and Haizi Valleys, you should ride horse or touring on foot (hike in Changping and trek in Haizi).Hire out horses is an important source of income to aborigines. There are horse leasing company in Changping Valley and Haizi Valley, the prices are on the list if you visit regular destination.

2. To special interest visitors: Here you could mountaineering, trekking, traversing and camping.

Mountaineering: There are 4 peaks in Mt. Siguniang, they are Mt. Daguniang (height 5025 M), Mt. Erguniang (height 5276 M), Mt. Sanguniang (height 5355 M) and Mt. Siguniang (height 6250).commercial mountaineering programs are to Mt. Daguniang and Mt. Erguniang.

Trekking:Haizi Valley is a trekking valley when you enter the valley. The pop one day trekking program is from the entrance of Haizi Valley trakking to Huahaizi Marsh and go back.

Traversing:The pop and mature traversing program is from Changping Valley over puerto to Bipeng Valley, the whole program is 111 km.

Camping:Both Changping Valley and Haizi Vally can camp. The campsite of Changping is on the foot of Mt. Siguniang called Muluozi. And in Haizi Vally, the pop campsites are in Laoniuyuanzi Protection Station and Dahaizi Lake.