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Yanzigou Travel Guide

Take bus from Moxi to the gate of Yanzigou scenic spot--Tianyaoshuiping. There are 5 main scenic spots in this area. The first scenic spot you see is Sanhu Mountain. It turns to a golden mountain on the top under the sunshine in the morning. You will come to the next spot called Mandala city. You can see the big picea aurantiaca and three large mandalas. The picea aurantiaca is dead but It has very long history with different kinds of fungus and followers growing on the tree, which is very splendid and rare.

The next stop is Antelope Slope where you can meet some antelopes and have some rest in the cofe shop and dinners tasting local food. After Antilope Slope is the special and fantastic scenery-- Red Stone Beach. The red color on the stones can be light red or dark red according to different seasons and weathers. If you want to overlook the red color beach, you can go to the Heishijiao viewing deck, moreover, you can see Fish Scale Glacier clearly from a long distance. When you get to the service area, tour bus is no longer in service except you go back to Moxi County, but if you still want to go forward and see more, you have to walk. You can walk towards Northeast and visit Bingjiaokou which is one of the water sources of the local river. You can also see NO.1, NO.2, and NO. 3 glaciers on the viewing deck. If you choose to stay there for nights, you can stay in the Bubble Hotel. It's made of environmental material and has 360 degree transparent scenery room, but it's expensive and you need to make reservation in advance.


Take bus from bus stations in Chengdu to Moci County

DCT Tips:

1. Yanzigou scenic area has closed temporarily from Dec. 1, 2014 to the middle of March, 2014, because upgrading and rebuilding.
2. the price of bus is fluctuant because of the influence of slack season and peak season.
3. Please prepare food and water, and motion sickness medicine if necessery.
4. Do not take red stone out of the scenic spot, it would die quickly and turn to a regular black stone.
5. Emergency aid phone number:(086)0836-3267668
6. Temperature is quite different in day and at night; it's rainy, please prepare umbrella.

Tianyaoshuiping, Fanxian and Shuangyutai in Yanzigou
Prayer Wheels in Yanzigou

Tianyaoshuiping, Fanxian and Shuangyutai in Yanzigou

Prayer Wheels in Yanzigou

Tourist can visit the Tancheng holy place on the way to Yanzigou

Tibetan Village in Yanzigou

Tianti, Fangxia Pavilion, nirvana site, Red stone shoal in Yanzigou

Yanzigou Landscape

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