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Anshun Travel Guide

Anshun Activities

There are lots of minority nationality in Anshun, most of the activities in Anshun are the local festival activities.

Tiaohua Festival
Tiaohua Festival is the most solemn, the oldest Anshun Miao minority nationality traditional festival once a year.There are pole climbing competition, crossbow competition, needlework competition, martial arts performances, bullfight and other activities.
Time: Jan. of China Lunar Year.

Baishu Festival (Worship the Mountain God under the old tree )
Baishu Festival is original from another minority in anshun which named Gelao minority nationality. The local Gelao people invited the mountain god to a 1*1 meter small birch house under the specified old tree, decorate with colorful triangle flag; pull chickens, pigs and sheep walked around the old tree thrice before and then doing the worship. The whole clansman will bow down to pray for the god bless and next year harvest.
Time: Jan.3rd of China Lunar Year.

Canola Flower Tour Festival

There are lots of canola blooming around March in Anshun, the local goverment hold a tour festival during the time; except enjoy the blooming canola, you will see some shows.
Time: Mar. every year.

Chixin Festival
Chixin in English means enjoy the freshly harvested farm produces. In Jul. of China lunar year, the farm produces will be ripe, Gelao people in Anshun will harvest the first ripe produces such as rice, corn, long bean to "Chixin"; during the festival, Gelao people also use beef to worship the ancestor. After the festival is the busy harvest season, Gelao farmers will work from dawn to dark.
Time:  Jul. of China lunar year

Lusheng Show (Reed-Pipe Wind Instrument Show)
Many minority nationality in Guizhou play Reed-Pipe Wind Instrument. Here in Anshun, the Dong minority nationality people play Lusheng and Dance with the rhythm on the stage near drum-tower which is in the center of a Dong village. Only male Dong people could play Lusheng.
Time:  Jul. 15th of China lunar year

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Anshun Tour Guide

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