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Anshun Feature Food

Anshun cuisine has many specialties, but endemic snacks are more remarkable. Here we will introduce you several Anshun snacks.

Anshun Deep Fried Cake
Deep fried cack is a really popular snack in Anshun and Zhenning. It is given the name because the shape look like a cup cake, it is a traditional food in Anshun´╝Ä
The raw rice and soybean were soak several hours for absorb enough water; after that, cooked rice are mixed with the raw rice and soybean to make the pulp. The pulp is for the skin.The stuffing are flavored minced pork or other types of meat.
The pulp is filled into a mold which looks like a cup, and then, stuffing; after that, more pulp is filled in the rest space of the mold.Deep fried it until the cake goes golden.
Local people always serve the cake with Anshun style chilli sauce or Houttuynia cordata. It is not only snack but also breakfast to Anshun people: two deep fried cake and one cup of soybean milk as a breakfast is really common here.

Anshun Earthen Casserole Rice Jelly
Earthen Casserole is used a lot in winter of China, so do Anshun. This Earthen Casserole Rice Jelly could help you get rid of cold in winter and be energetic & refreshing in summer.
The main ingredients of the dish include: rice jelly, sweet potato jelly and Canna(canna edulis Ker) jelly. Other ingredients include: ham sausage, Houttuynia cordata, coriander, pickled white radish, soybean and seasonal vegetable. Cook all these ingredients with pork bone soup in an earthen casserole. Wow, it is a great balance between the jelly, meat and vegetables. It is not only tast good, but also with rich nutrition.

Anshun Crisp Steamed Stuffed Bun
Anshun crisp steamed stuffed bun is a upgrade steamed stuffed bun. The hero of the elicious crisp steamed stuffed bun is lard.
As other bread and bun, the skin is made by fermented dough. The key step is to use rolling pin make the dough into flat sheet , spread the lard evenly on it; and then roll the flat sheet into a strip. Cut the strip into small pieces, pat the small pieces into a flat cake to make the skin.
The stuffing is made by belly pork, salt, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, ginger, green onion and pork-bones soup. Put all seasoners into minced belly pork;fill the pork-bones soup and vigorously whisk until the pork-bones soup is completely absorbed by the pork.
Put the stuffing in the center of the prepared special flat cake, make it the shape like other types of steamed stuffed bun. After that, keep the raw crisp steamed stuffed bun there for 15 to 20 minutes, and then, put them into boiled water steamer with big fire, steam 10 minutes.

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