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China Attractions

White Emperor City

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction The local ferry from Fengiie takes about 20 minutes to reach White Emperor City(Baidi Cheng) on the north bank of the Yangtze River, passing...

Number One Bathing Beach

Mar 30, 2016

Number One Bathing Beach, packed with equipment rentals and amusements of all kinds, is 800 meters long and draws unbelievable crowds during the summer months. As one...

Xinghai Park

Mar 30, 2016

Located in the south part of Dalian proper, this seaside park includes a bathing beach. covering 150,000 square meters, is next to a curve beach that is about 800...

Tiger Beach Park

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction The 295 acres Tiger beach Scenic Park, lying southeast of the city, with a coastal line of 4.6 kilometers, Tiger Beach Park is a large and...

Golden Pebble Beach

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction Dalian is renowned for its honor as a "City Garden", while in the city there is a place called "Back Garden of Dalian"--the Golden Pebble Beach...

Bangchui Island

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction Bangchui Island Scenic Area (Bangchuidao fengjingqu or Hammer Island) is located at the Bangchui Island, Dalian eastern end of the beach road, a...