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Beihai Old Street

Beihai Old Street Travel Guide

Beihai Haizhu Road is also called Old Street, it was built in 1883 and famous for chinese mix western arcade architectures on the street.
Beihai Haizhu Road is also called Beihai Old Street, it could date back to 1883. On this 1.44 km long and 9 m wide, all buildings are Chinese mix western style arcade architectures; the windows along the old street are volume arch stucture with carving decoration at the top and by the side of window, so smooth and delicate.
Before 1927, Haizhu Road is the busiest commercial street in Beihai,  you could by all goods from silk and porcelain, to marine products and fishing gears, the businessmen from Anpu, Shicheng and hudong, etc. come to Beihai for purchase let Haizhu Road became a very bustling street. And after 1927, because Zhanjiang city "goods are not taxed" become a new business center, businessmen went to Zhanjiang instead of Beihai, and Haizhu Road sink into a decline.
Now, Haizhu Road become an Old Street, you could trolling on the street in the evening, enjoy local foods and take a look at the old life style in Beihai.

Openning: all day
Ticket: free


You could not find Old Street on the map, you should search Zhongshan Road or Sichuan Road they are by the side of Beihai Old Town Area, the street is just on the area.

Beihai Old Street 1

Beihai Old Street 1

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Beihai Old Street 3

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Beihai Old Street 5

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Beihai Old Street 7

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