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Ocean Orama Beihai

Ocean Orama Beihai Travel Guide

Ocean Orama Beihai is located in South Sichuan Road of Beihai downtown, 16 themes show you types of oceanic animals, ancient ocean history and ocean cultures. The interesting 16 themes include:
1. Mysterius sea
2. Oceans in the remote antiquity
3. Time tunnel (a fluorescent hand mural by Mr. Toyama who is fluorescence-painting master from Japan )
4. Coral sea (here has the largest coral show tank all over the world which is 28 m diameter and 3 m high; here show you 156 types of corals from all over the world and more than 300 types of tropical fishes, a coral sea kingdom here.)
5. Cape of scean
6. Dreamlike ocean
7. Zone of scean resources
8. Silk Road on the sea
9. Zhenghe sailed to the western world
10. Great geographic discovery
11. Ocean theater (There are 6 shows a day, the program include: dancing with shark, mermaid, Olympic dancing, etc.)
12. Seashore scene
13. Jellyfish palace (the largest jellyfish show center in China, the lighting and sound effects will show you a colorful jellyfish world)
14. Shell culture (show you more than 600 types of shells from all over the world.)
15. the culture of south pearls (help you to discover the culture of Chinese best pearl -- shouth pearl)
16. 4D live theater
Ocean Orama Beihai offer free Chinese speaking guide, help you to discover the mysterius of the ocean. If you need English Speaking Guide, please contact us.

Openning: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Adlut RMB138/Person
Child RMB88/Person (1.2 - 1.5 m)
4D Live Theater RMB20/Person (Exclude in RMB138)
Note: the Ocean Theater show time please follow the guide of the park when you arrive.


Take bus No. 3, 5 to Ocean Orama Station

Ocean Orama Beihai 1

Ocean Orama Beihai 1

Ocean Orama Beihai 2

Ocean Orama Beihai 3

Ocean Orama Beihai 4

Ocean Orama Beihai 5

Ocean Orama Beihai 6

Ocean Orama Beihai 7

Ocean Orama Beihai 8

Ocean Orama Beihai 9

Ocean Orama Beihai 10

Ocean Orama Beihai 11

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