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Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island Travel Guide

Weizhou Island is located south to Beihai City, you could take cruise from Beihai International Passenger Terminal to the island. Weizhou Island is the Youngest Volcano Island in China, you could enjoy different volcanic lavas landscape, especially beach lamdscape here, such as marine abrasion, marine deposition, marine lavas.

The cruise ship will take you 1-2 hours single trip from Beihai to Weizhou Island, so you could do a day trip or stay one or two nights on the island, there are many  guest houses and several star-level vacation hotels there. The highlights of Weizhou Island include:
Crocodile Mountain Volcanic Park (you could see the most complete remains of volcanic activity).
Di Shui Dan Ping and Volcanic eggs (the best place to enjoy sunset; beach, wave, reef marine cave, trajectory of volcanic lava, you could get types of Weizhou Island natural landscape here.)
Shiluokou Beach (on the west side of Weizhou Island,  the best place to enjoy corals under the sea.)
Wicai Beach (also called colorful Beach, the best place to enjoy sunrise on the Weizhou Island. Here you could also enjoy the landscape of marine cliff, Submarine platform and marine cave here.)
Weizhou Catholic Church Site in Shengtang Village
Coloful Road (a part of road around the Weizhou Island, from Xijiao Reservoir Levee to Shengtang Village, the best place for trolling and bird watching)
Xieyang Island (an island near Weizhou Island, holy land of sea fishing.)

Openning: all day
Ticket: RMB115/person
(Please keep you ticket, Crocodile Mountain Volcanic Park will check your entranc ticket when you visit there.)
Ferry from Beihai: RMB 120 - 180/person (different cruise with different prices, the cruise will use 1-2 hours single way; ferry schedule due to the season and weather, if you need to book, please feel free to contact us for further information.


Take cruise from Beihai International Passenger Terminal to the island.
You could take Bus No. 3 to the terminal.

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