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Beijing Shopping

Beijing Shopping

Beijing has a lot of traditional shopping centers such as Wangfujin Street, Qianmen Dazhanlan and Xidang Commercial Street.
If you have an interest in antiques, you might want to visit Liulichang or Panjiayuan Antique City. Buying some special local product and souvenir will enhance the joy of traveling too. Jingtailan cloisonne, jade, silk embroidery etc are very ancient; and native handicrafts such as clay figurine, Peking opera mask, kites, paper-cuttings etc are inexpensive and make excellent gifts for family and friends.

Daoxiang Village Pastry
Daoxiang village is built in 1895, and it’s located in Guanyin Temple. It’s the first factory that sold South-taste pastry in Beijing. It lasts from generation to next generation, and has been popular among all walks of life, even the famous writer, Luxun, wrote about it more than ten times in his diary.

daoxiang village pastry.jpg

Liubiju Pickles
Liubiju has a very long history, and it’s famous around the world. Because they have to follow six rules, thus it’s call Liubiju. It’s goodlooking and delicious, crispy, many people like to go there and have a try when they travel to Beijing.

Ruifuxiang Cloth Product
Beijing Ruifuxiang was established in 1839, it’s a china time-honored brand, and it’s the first brand of Beijing Eight Luck Brand. It mainly sells different cloth, such as silk, wool fabric, and cotton cloth, what’s more, it also has the service to make Chinese style clothing. Many famous people had their clothes made in Ruifuxiang, like the birthday robe of Empress Dowager Cixi and the emperor robe of Yuan Shikai.

ruifuxiang cloth product.jpg

Cloisonné Enamel
cloisonné enamel is a traditional art and craft. The earliest cloisonné enamel is from Yuan Dynasty with over 1000 year of history. To make cloisonné enamel, first is to use purple copper to make a porcelain body, and then use copper wire to make flower patterns on the body, finally use different material to fill them. It’s colorful and elegant, and it can be a very noble ornament in the house.

cloisonné enamel.jpg

Snuff Bottle
Snuff bottle is a kind of pocket-size art work. It usually uses translucent glass to make it, but there are also some prime ones that use crystal and agate and jade. It can be used as a snuff bottle, but it’s also a art work to collect.

Snuff Bottle.JPG

Shopping areas

Wangfujing has almost one-hundred year of history. The street gathers many china time-honored brand, such as Neiliansheng (shoes), Shengxifo (hats), Ruifuxiang (silk), Daoxiangcun Village Pastry, Liubiju Pickles and so on.


Located in the Xicheng District, Xidan is a business block. It’s famous for its Xidan decorated archway. It’s popular for young people because of its youth and fashionable decoration, therefore, it’s also called “shopping paradise of young people”. Besides shopping stores, there are also some place to relax and have fun, for example, it has Xidan Cultural Square and Xidan Book store.

Panjiayuan Market
If you are interested in antique and second-hand goods, Panjiayuan is your best choice to take a look. It’s very famous around China, some visitors like to go there and look around, even thought they don’t really buy antique. It has so many products, and if you are not expert, it’s very hard to tell true antique and false ones.

panjiayuan market.jpeg

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