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Chengdu Lantern Festival Feb 2011 (annual)
China celebrates the first full moon of the year by stringing up rows of delicate orb-shaped lanterns. The Chengdu Lantern Festival in the Cultural Park boasts impressive light displays - including a dragon-shaped lantern with fireworks sparking from its mouth. Over a million visitors flock to the Chengdu Lantern Festival, held each year on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Under the glowing canopy of lanterns, visitors also enjoy performances of folk music and acrobatics. If you get hungry, there are always plenty of food stalls where you can fill up. Locals traditionally feast on Yuan Xiao (small sweet dumplings) during the Lantern Festival.
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The Bookworm International Literary Festival
in Chengdu Mar 2011 (annual)
Avid readers flock to this Literary Festival at Chengdu bookshop, The Bookworm. Meet Asia-based novelists and poets at lively debates and readings, or start your own masterpiece at writing workshops. The festival also hosts theatre performances at other city venues.

Chengdu Flower Festival Mar - Apr 2011 (annual)
The Chengdu Flower Festival celebrates the start of spring with colorful displays in Qingyang Palace - one of China's oldest Taoist Temples. Dating back to the Tang and Song Dynasties, this lively annual event is now over 1000 years old.
The Flower Festival always takes place on the 15th day of the second lunar month, a date which locals believe to be the birthday of all flowers. It is also the date of Taoism founder Li Laojun's birthday. Over the years, Taoist believers have come to Qingyang Palace to celebrate this special occasion and made it a traditional practice for all local people.

Chengdu Dragon Boat Festival
Jun 2011 (annual)
On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, many Chinese cities commemorate the death of ancient poet Qu Yuan with a Dragon Boat Festival. Although a tradition of southern China, northern Chengdu also hosts exciting boat races every year.

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