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Basha Miao village

Basha Miao village Travel Guide

Located among mountains in Congjiang County of southeast Guizhou, Basha Miao village is the most famous and popular ethnic village for tourists which maintain their old customs and primitive life since thousand years ago when first Miao group immigrated here form heartland of ancient China.
They are still living in wooden house, doing farming and weaving cloth, men keep long hair and bundle braid, taking broadswords and powder shotguns; women comb in partial bun decorated with wooden comb, dressing in triangle Miao skirts. Basha Miao village is the only tribe that allowed carrying guns in China.

Welcome Ceremony with Guns
There is unique Welcome Ceremony in Bashan Miao village. To welcome guests, men will play Lusheng and Mangtong( both are special music instruments of Miao people) music, girls will take wine in horn cup and toast to visitors, after three gun sounds, the gate will be open for visiting. The next itinerary will be dancing and singing performance.

Adult Ceremony
As little baby, boys and girls in Basha village will keep their hair until growth as an adult. The adult ceremony is holding for very boy in Basha Miao village when their in 7 to 15 years old. On the ceremony day, the boy will show his ability of hunting and fishing. Elder in village will hold the ritual for him, shaving the boy’s hair and twisted and coiled atop the head, presenting the father’s gun to the boy. It is the symbol for boy become independent.

Trees worship
Basha people belief that it is the forest offers their property and safety, thus they worship trees, taking trees as their totem. From ancient times to the present, Basha people never deforest at random, but plant at least two trees throughout his life, one for birth and other for funeral. Therefore, there are many age-old trees surrounding the Basha Miao village.

Feature Cuisine
Cuisine in Basha belongs to Gui cuisine featured in sour and spicy. Fish in sour-soup and Oil tea (You cha) are popular dishes in Basha.

Zhe He Festival
From September to October in China lunar calendar, the sticky rice become ripen in Basha. Reaped paddy will be hung on wooden shelves to dry by men. The wooden shelves are random in village, glaring and remarkable. It is one of the best favorite sightseeing for visitors 
Lusheng Festival
Holding on 18th to 20th November of China lunar calendar, Lusheng festival is the most remarkable festival in Basha Miao village.
Miao National Festival
Holding on 1th December in China lunar calendar, Miao national festival is like the Spring festival of Han people.

 Best season for Visit in Basha
Lying in the subtropical humid climate, Basha is warm in winter and a little heat in summer, humid and rainy, with annul temperature in 14℃-18.5℃. It is ok for visiting in whole and the best season is spring, summer and autumn.


7kilometers from Congjiang County to Basha, tourists can rent private van or take local pedicab cost about CNY10 per person.Coach from Guiyang to Basha cost CNY70 per person.

DCT Tips:

Trees are the totem of Basha people; please do not mention any topic of deforestation or similar topic. Welcome ceremony with guns is the traditional custom and ritual here, please do not scared.

there are many trees in Basha Miao village
there are many trees in Basha Miao village

there are many trees in Basha Miao village

there are many trees in Basha Miao village

Basha Miao village in Congjiang, Guizhou

Basha Miao village in Congjiang, Guizhou

Women and children in Basha village

Women and children in Basha village

Diaojiaolou in Basha Miao village

Diaojiaolou in Basha Miao village

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