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Dali Shopping

Dali Shopping

Daily consumer goods should be bought in Xiaguan rather than in Dali,since there are no big department stores in the ancient town. The Dali Shopping Center on Jianshe Lu offers the best shopping in Xiaguan. 

On the other hand, a trip to Dali (Gucheng) without bringing back any local and ethnic souvenirs is a trip wasted! Small souvenir shops cluster in Dali Gucheng on Bo┬┤ai Lu, Huguo Lu,and Fuxing Lu. The ancient town of Dali is filled with interesting and ethnic shops to explore.

Also, every March around the 15th to the 21st on the Bai lunar calendar, the Bai people celebrate their annual March Fair . The festival is not only a gathering of merchants selling exotic local arts and crafts, but also an opportunity to witness the culture of the local Bai peoples. Even if you are not able make a trip during the festival, the regular Bazaars in Shaping and Wase are similar opportunities to see a local market with its myriad unique shopping opportunities.


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