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Dali Three Pagodas

Three Pagodas Travel Guide

The Three Pagodas are consist of one big pagoda and two small ones. They arise on the Mt. Cangshan slope overlooking the Erhai Lake, known as Chongsheng San Ta in China, meaning the Three Pagodas of Saintly Worship.
These outstanding landmarks of the region were once part of the greatest temple complex on the Dali plain.
Straight and towering, the Quadrangular Qianxun Pagoda, the main one and the tallest one was exquisitely constructed, with multiple tiers of eaves. It has 16 stories and a height of 69.13 meters. In the central part of each facade, a shrine was built and a Buddha statue of white marble installed.
The two other pagodas of 10 stories are 42.19 meters high. They are solid and beautiful, and in octagonal shape. Coated with white mud, and carved with a shrine, Buddha statue, lotus flowers, etc. on each story, the pagodas look elegant and stately.

Pagodas are among the most ubiquitous structures throughout the Buddhist world. They are representation of the ancient architectural and cultural arts of the Bai Ethnic Group.

Openning: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Ticket: RMB121/Person


Can be reached on foot or by bike from the Dali old town.

Dali Three Pagodas 1

Dali Three Pagodas 1

Dali Three Pagodas 2

Dali Three Pagodas 3

Dali Three Pagodas 4

Dali Three Pagodas 5

Dali Three Pagodas 6

Dali Three Pagodas 7

Dali Three Pagodas 8

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