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Dalian Feature Food

Dalian has rich natural resources and long been reputed as the "Apple Land" and the "Aquatic Product Base". There are many kinds of quality fruits produced here such as apples, peaches, cherries and grapes. There are also great deal of delicious seafood produced and exported from here such as abalone, prawns, trepangs, scallops and crab; and its seafood such as comb shell, urchin, stichopus and wakame account for above 90% of the country┬┤s total. Dalian takes the grains, aquatic products and fruits as its mainstay in agriculture and shaping the following five as its mainstay in agriculture and shaping the following five major lines: aquatic products, fruits, vegetables, husbandry and flowers.
Popular dishes recommended in Dalian:
1.    Braised Prawns in Brown Sauce. Prawn is the most common but typical seafood in Dalian; Braised in brown sauce is one of the usual cooking way in Shandong cuisine, so Braised Prawns in Brown Sauce is a represent dish in Dalian
2.    Braised Seafood with Sweet-potato Jelly
 This dish is firstly pan-fried the sweet-potato jelly with soft fire. After the jelly burnt in yellow, braised with seafood like shrimp, Whelk meat, sleeve-fish. It is the one of the most popular cuisine of local resident. You can order it in hotels or small restaurants around Dalian city.

3.    Dalian Sea Cucumber

4.    Steamed Sliced Abalone in lantern shape.

5.    Steamed Scallops with Egg white.

6.    Japanese and Korean cuisine. Besides local Chinese cuisine, tourists can also find Japanese and Korean cuisine easily in Dalian.

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Dalian Tour Guide

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