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Datong Feature Food

Shaomai:Shaomai which is the staple food of the dinner party sometimes, its name come from its plum-shape when it comes out the form. The side is snow-white; we can see the meat stuffing in the center through the skin.
datong_shaomai1.jpg  datong_shaomai2.jpg

Hunyuanshu soybean:The soybean, whose scientific term is broad bean, is a kind of bean farm crop that implies various nourishment compositions, is one of the advantage farm crops of Hunyuan County.

datong_crisp soybean1.jpg datong_crisp soybean.jpg

Beer in Yungang:Beer in Yungang is the local famous product of Datong, produced in the wine factory of Datong City. In 1987, beer in Yungang and beer specially made in Yungang were judged the high-quality products of Shanxi Province, sold well in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongol etc.

datong_beer meat1.jpg datong_beer meat2.jpg

Cool powder of taste:The yams are many in the area of Datong, the native people is in addition to directly to eat, still have the habit of processing to make into the powder. From here, the powder is made for various foods, the vermicelli and cool powders are the most familiar food. In summer, the cool powder becomes the good dinner to relieve summer heat for the all families. 

datong_liangpi.jpg datong_liangpi1.jpg

Rinse mutton:Rinse mutton of Datong contain four greatest characteristics: The flavor is joss-stick, the meat is delicate, the quality is fresh, the shape is beautiful, and it is very famous in the whole country.

datong_mutton1.jpg  datong_mutton hotpot.jpg

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Datong Tour Guide

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