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1. Zhuyeqing Tea ( Bamboo Green Tea )
Zhuyeqing is one of the famous green teas in China with its function of health care. The tea grows in the mountainside which the altitudes from 800 to 1200 meters, such as the area at Wannian Temple and Qingyin Pavilion. The best time for picking up the tea is around Timb-Sweeping Festival in early April. The production process is rarely seen but it has fresh aroma and taste.

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2. Chinese medicinal material Glossy Ganoderma and  Fozhang Ginseng  
Both of Glossy Ganoderma and Fozhang Ginseng are rare Chinese medicinal materials on the Emei Mountain since antiquity. They are holy medicine for heal various disease in Chinese medicine. They are used to stew meats by common family in China.
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3. Sugar and Snacks
Recommended items as Sesame Oil Rice Sugar .
Made by traditional craftwork, Sesame Oil Rice Sugar is made by high quality white sugar, pig oil as the main ingredients. It tastes fragrant, sweet, crisp,and soft.
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