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Emei Travel Guide

Emei Transportation

Transportion from Chengdu to Emei city
There is no airport in Emei city, tourists would need take Chengdu as an over stop.
By car
Arrival in Chengdu, you take car to Emei; it takes around 2 hours(170km) from Chengdu airport to Emei
By Train
It is about 2.5 hours from Chengdu city to Emei city by train which is leaving at 13:06 to 19:20 every day. Tips: Please check the train schedule and purchase the tickets as early as possible. The Emei train station is just 10 km away from the gate of Emei Mountain Scenic Area - Baoguosi, which takes only 15 minutes by car.
By Coach
There are buses to Jiuzhaigou from Xinnanmen Bus Station and bus to Leshan Center bus station every day. All buses are air-conditioned and departure every 20 minutes or so. Tourists could take a coach and drop off in Emei Shan Tourism Passenger Centre. The trip takes around 2 hours. After arrival in Emei Shan Tourism Passenger Centre, tourists could take 20 minutes driving to Baoguo Temple, the gate of Emei Mountain Scenic Area.

Transportion from Leshan to Emei
If your Emei tour is after visiting Leshan, you could take a Tour Bus from Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station directly to Baoguo Temple at the foot of Mt. Emei. It takes about 40 minutes.

How to get the Mountain
Taking around 2 hours the local tour bus from the foot to Jieyin Hall, then tourists could take 15 minuets cable car from Jieyin Hall to the Golden Summit. The round trip of local tour bus costs 90RMB per person and the round trip of cable car costs 120RMB per person.

Emei Tour Packages

Emei Tour Guide

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