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Guilin Travel Guide

Guilin Transportation


By plane:

Guilin city is located in south of China, which is only 45 minutes by flight from Guangzhou city (also name as Canton). It is also quite closed to Hong Kong, only one hour & 15 minutes by flight. Therefore, it is always convenient coming from Hong Kong. There are two flights from Hong Kong to Guilin everyday: CZ3031 (20:15 - 21:30) and KA700( 20:30 - 21:45). You can book the tickets easily from all over the world.

Generally speaking, there are many flights from some main big cities to Guilin, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

1. From Asia countries

Those from Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, you can take flights to Canton (Guangzhou), then take transmit flights from Guangzhou to Guilin (only 45 minutes). There are many flights from Guangzhou to Guilin each day.

2. From Australia or New Zealand

You can take flight to Shanghai or Guangzhou first then take transmitting flight to Guilin. The latest flight from Shanghai to Guilin is about 16:30 PM. The latest flight from Guangzhou to Guilin is about 21:30 PM.

3. From European and American countries

You can take flight to Shanghai or Hong Kong first, then take transmitting flights to Guilin. Usually you can have much better rates for airfare if you book round way tickets to Hong Kong for coming & leaving mainland China.

Kindly please see the following flights schedules from some cities to Guilin:

Hong Kong to Guilin:

CZ3031 (20:15 - 21:30) and KA700( 20:30 - 21:45)

By train:

It is convenient to reach other major cities by train from Guilin. There are two main railway stations: North Guilin Railway station, which is in the outskirts of Guilin and South Guilin Railway Station at the crossroad of Shanghai Road and South Zhongshan Road (Guilin Railway Station).

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