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Hangzhou Nightlife


Hangzhou has a surprising amount of good little bars and clubs for a city of this size. The most popular evening past time remains, however, the typical Chinese experience of walking around or across the West Lake with your beloved in the moonlight. Watch out for the kids selling you red roses!

This kind of thing though, is not for everyone, especially those who are single! The city´s nightlife at the moment tends to center around the Paradise Rock bar which is right next to the Overseas Chinese Hotel on Hubin Lu. The drinks in this bar are cheap, the decor is decent, the food is tasty and the live music is usually excellent. Hangzhou is currently producing several Chineses best live musicians and any night out on the town here will encounter either a planned or impromptu "jamming session". The night clubs and bars are very popular amoung the big group of foreigners. Many bars are worthy checking including the Lake of Dreams on the southeast corner of the lake and the New L.A. Disco on Qing Chun Lu.

Hangzhou has a few other entertainment sites including two championship level tennis courts and a Golf club. As usual in the larger cities in China, it´s worth checking out the big hotels such as The Shangri-la to see if they have any events organized.

Hangzhou_the romance of the song dynasty.jpg

The Romance of the Song Dynasty( Songcheng Night Show)
Well-known among tourists visited in Hangzhou, Romance of Song Dynasty is a grand night show in Songcheng spot Hangzhou city. With the most skillful techniques of acoustic, optical, and electric as well as advanced stage machinery, the show well presents beautiful nature scenery, spectacular but bitter battles, fairy legends and rich culture in 5,000 years history of Huangzhou in highly visual experience and spiritual shock. The show is contenting of four scenes: the preface is Civilization of Liangzhu Culture in 5,000 to 8,000 years ago, first scene of the show is Song Dynasty Palace Show, the second one is Against Jurchens Battle, the third scene is Legends along West Lake and the fourth scene is Essence of Hangzhou.
The show is presented at least two performances every day. Tourists could check the time schedule while you make itinerary or buy ticket of Songcheng spot.

Hangzhou_impression of West lake.jpg

Impressions of the West Lake Show
As the outdoor performance along West Lake, Impressions of the West Lake show adequately presents the extremely beauty of West Lake in different seasons. The well-known Ten Sceneries of West Lake are in different place and different time. However, audiences could view all the famous ten sceneries through the one hour night show.
Time: 28th February to 31st December
Place: West Lake 

Hangzhou_Night in West lake.jpg

Nightfall on the West Lake
As one of three famous night shows in Hangzhou, the Nightfall on the West Lake not only exhibits the amazing landscape, but also interprets culture and folk custom in Hangzhou, especially the Buddhist culture immersed with local folk in 2, 000 years ago.

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