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Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou Transportation


By plane:
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is in the east of Xinjie Town, Xiaoshan District, on the south bank of Qiantang River. The airport is 27 kilometers to Hangzhou city center and 15 kilometers to the center of Xiaoshan District. A 17.6 kilometers long airport avenue connects the airport with Hangzhou city. The airport provides 44 domestic routes, 13 international routes and 2 regional routes.

By train:
Hangzhou is easily reached by air from other cities. The most enjoyable way to get there is by express train. The non-stop bullet train from Shanghai takes 78 minutes and costs 64 RMB ($9) each way.

Long distance bus:
Hangzhou is the center of Zhejiang province bus transport network. In Hangzhou Railway Station there are shuttle buses offering transportation to the long distance bus stations.

The highway structure consists of Huhuang Highway, Hangyong Highway, Hangning Highway, Hangjinqu Highway, 104 National Highway, 320 National Highway and 02 Provincial Highway.

There are four long distance buses in Hangzhou, in the four directions of the city. Bus tickets can be bought in the bus station or in Construction bank in Hangzhou city.

Tips for transfer: After arriving in Hangzhou by train, passengers can buy bus tickets at the exit of the railway station (only Hangzhou city railway station). With the bus ticket the passenger can take the shuttle bus for free to arrive at the long distance bus station.

By boat
On Qiantang River:
Main itineraries: Fuchun River 24 hour travel, Qiantang River night tour
Boarding address: 1st Dock Nanxingqiao, Zhejiang
Ticket booking (Consultant) number: 0571-86062457

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Hangzhou Tour Guide

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