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Harbin is one of the biggest commercial centers in Northeast China; the major tourism souvenir can be divided in two sorts. One is local production in Heilongjiang province including nature produces and industry good. Another is exotic production including Russian style foods and jewelry articles.

Under the domination of harsh and extreme temperatures, Heilongjiang is difficult to grow various products, but rich in mineral resources, ginseng, games and seafood. The famous “three treasures in Dongbei” are ginseng, velvet antler and mink. Although it is not easy to get wild ginseng, tourists can also purchase good quality ginseng in Harbin. High quality velvet antler and mink cost high in Harbin. Visitors can purchase in big store or take as widow shopping. 
Being influence of Russian culture, there are many exotic foods and jewelry articles in Harbin, such as Da Lie Ba bread, Lao Ding Feng cake, and Russian chocolate, Russian sugar, purple and gold necklaces, paintings and other decorate articles. Most of them are cheap and easy for carry.   
Please be cautious and beware of imitations when you doing shopping.

Harbin special local products as follow for your reference:

1.    The Red
The Red Intestines come from Russia in late 19 century with history of about one hundred years now. There are many different brands of Red intestines, among them, Haroulian Red sauage, Qiulin Red sauage and Shangwei Red sauage are the most popular. It is a popular local specialty for tourists. 
harbin_red sausage.jpg
2.    Da Lie Ba bread
“Lie Ba” is a transliteration of “bread” in Russian, also originally from Russia. The taste is a little sour but in good flavor. The big bread could be about 2.5 kilograms weight.
The bread is perfect match with Red intestine for meal. With expiration date of 20 days, Da Lie Ba bread is suitable for snack taking back you home.
harbin_Da Lie Ba bread.jpg

3.    Russian Dolls
Russian Dolls are kind of Russian specialty wooden toys, which usually consisting of a set of same pattern hollow-doll in different sizes. The biggest doll could composite by 10 small dolls.
harbin_russian dolls.jpg

4.    Games in Dongbei
Games in Dongbei are including high quality black fungus, mushrooms, dried fruits, wild vegetables, ginseng and pilose antler. The specialties are high quality but inexpensive. However, please be cautious and beware of fake.

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