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Hohhot Attractions

Zhaojun Tomb

Feb 18, 2020

Zhaojun Tomb, also known as "Green Tomb", is the tomb of Wang Zhaojun, who make peace with attila of north minority hun in the border areas of ancient Han Dynasty by...

Hohhot Dazhao Temple

Feb 17, 2020

Located in the old urban area of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia; Dazhao Temple is a Tibetan Buddhist temple belonging to the Gelug Sect (yellow Religion).

Inner Mongolia Museum

Feb 17, 2020

Inner Mongolia Museum mainly presents the formation of grassland culture and its development from ancient times to the present.

Gegentala Grassland

Feb 17, 2020

Gegentala Grassland is the closest grassland to Hohhot. Every August, Nadam tourism is held, which is also an excellent time for summer vacation.