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Public holidays in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong’s public holidays are not only Chinese tradition holidays, but also with of holidays in west after decades of blending the best of east and west ideas and cultures. The public holidays in Hong Kong are New Year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Easter Day, Tomb-sweeping Day, Labor’s Day, the Buddha’s birthday on 4th April of Chinese lunar calendar, Dragon boat Festival, Anniversary Day of Hong Kong special administrative region founding, Mid-Autumn day, National holiday, the Double Ninth Festival and Christmas Day ect..
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Many Chinese style activities held during the traditional holiday, such as dragon and lions dance, dragon boat racing, fiery dragon dance, Cantonese opera and other worship and blessing activities. Among all traditional holidays in Hong Kong, there are three major one with grand and special celebration; they are Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations, Lantern Festival(15th day January in Chinese lunar calendar), the Birthday of Tin Hau(23rd March in Chinese lunar calendar ) and Dragon boat Festival (5th May in Chinese lunar calendar ) . Please do not miss the celebrations if you traveling Hong Kong during those days.  

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Other Big Days and Events
Besides public holidays, Hong Kong hold various international congress and competitions, such as New Year, New World – Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations,  FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix, Harbour Race, Hong Kong Dance Sport Festival, Hong Kong Marathon, Hong Kong Masters, International Dragon Boat Races, Hong Kong Open Championship, Horse Racing, Hong Kong Halloween Treats, American Express Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, Hong Kong International Film, Festival Chinese Opera Festival.

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Hong Kong Tour Guide

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