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Hui Cuisine (Anhui Cuisine)

Hui Cuisine refer, which was famous all over China hundred years ago, and as an old story goes, the restaurants of Anhui Province at that time were large, with the uniform rosewood furniture showing a rich heroic spirit. Hui Cuisine is elegant and simple, authentic, crisp Nenxian fresh, suitable shades, and has rigorous choice of materials.
In the intense competition of the modern catering industry, Hui Cuisine still gains millions of fans. It is said that if one doesn’t travel to Huangshan Mountain, it is difficult to taste the authentic Hui Cuisine in other places.

Seeing is Believing. Your local tour guide will show you much more on Hui Cuisine.

There are many delicious dishes here:

Fried Rice Cake with Choices of Vegetable (seasonal vegetabel),Pork, Beef, Shrimp and Chicken.
Fried Rice, Hui Style.China has 8 main cuisines and many others, such as Fried Rice with Seafood, Stir-Fried Rice with Shredded Pork in Soy Sauce and very famouse Fried Rice, Yangzhou Style. When you visit Huangshan, the local fried rice should be the best choice.

Tunxi Pickled Fresh Mandarin Fish: Tunxi Town of Anhui became a commodities distriution center after Shanghai became an important foreign trade port after 1840. Immediately after the Double Ninth Festival every year, the famous produce, mandarin fish, is transported to Tunxi for sale. In order to keep the fish fresh, the people invented a method of pickling it in light salt water, braising it over a low fire after it is fried in boiled oil. It is fresh and tasty.
Stinky(Villis) tofu, Hui Style is very sophisticated.It selects quality soy bean to make tofu,and cut the fresh tofu into small pieces (12 cm long, 6 cm wide and 3 cm thick) and ferment them in a cool dry place. About 3-5 days later, the tofu will have some villis, and they are Stinky(Villis) tofu now. The traditional style of cooking is to fry the tofu until both sides yellow, and then stir-fry & season them with soy sause & chilli sauce.

Fuliji Roast Chicken: The roast chicken of Fuliji is from Suxian County of Anhui; it has 12-step cooking procedure.When cooked, the meet will separated from the bone; it is with beautiful color and good flavor,; the meat is savory, fleshy and tender but not greasy. It is so good taste to be listed as a famous dish for banquets.

Stewed Soft-Shell Turtle with Ham: This dish is also called "Stewed Horse Hoof Turtle in Light Soup". It is one of the most famous ancient traditional dish of Hui Cuisine. Due to the special environment, the soft-shell turtles in this area is of higher quality than those in others; they have thick meat, fat and tender without earthy smell. The dish is braised with the famed local "Horse's Hoof Turtle". Some literatus were attracted to here to taste it & praise it with poems, and then it is famed all over the country.

Tips on Diet:
However, as the special location of the scenic spot and in order to protect the environment of the spot (on Mt. Huangshan), the cuisine in the spot simple but delicate. Travelers shouldn’t give much higher expectation to the cuisine on Huangshan Mountain.

And in Tunxi Town (the nearest traffic center to Mt. Huangshan, about 80km to Mt. Huangshan and 1.5 hours driving) and Tangkou (on the foot of Mt. Huangshan), there are only very simple western food such as coffe, bread, steak served as Chinese style.

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