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Jiangmen Travel Guide

Jiangmen Activities

Worship Kitchen God during Lantern Festival in Enping
The major activity of lantern festival in Enping is worshipping Land God and Kitchen God for thriving harvest in the coming year. It is said that Land God and Kitchen God will come to earth for celebration with human being from 8th January to 2nd February in Chinese lunar calendar. Thus, males in a family will put the sacrificial offerings including meat, fruit and staple food since 8th January. On 15th January, all kinds oblation should be well prepared to feast the God. On 2nd February in Chinese lunar calendar, it would be a farewell celebration for God back to heaven.
Time: 8th January to 2nd February in Chinese lunar calendar.
Place: Enping county in Jiangmeng prefecture.
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Release Fish Festival
Our Chinese believe that doing good deeds and helping others is a grateful way to accumulate merits for ourselves and our posterity and this activity should be same with all sentient beings. Thus, releasing animals are wide spreading in China. On 2nd January in Chinese lunar calendar, people will release fishes in Binjiang Park on every 2nd January in Chinese lunar calendar to pray prosperity and safety.
Time: on 2nd January in Chinese lunar calendar.
Place: Jiangmeng prefecture.
Jiangmen_Release Fish Festival.jpg

Birthday of Tin Hau Festival in Xinhui district Jiangmen city
Tin Hau, also called as Tin Fei, Mazu, is a Sea Goddess whom is strong and loyal belief of boatmen, seafarers, passengers, businessmen and fishermen along southeast coastal area of China. Tin Hau Temple(Mazu temple) is wide-spread built in Hong Kong, Canton, Fujian and Taiwan. They say that Tin Hua has ability to predicting weather and protect people out off dangers. The Tin Hua’s Birthday is on the 23rd day of the third lunar month. On that day, worship celebration will be held Tin Hua temples in each town and village to prayer for luck, safety and flourish ; celebration is very grand and abustle in Xinhui district of Jiangmen city in Guangdong province.
Time: on the 23rd day of the third lunar month
Place: Xinhui district of Jiangmen city
Jiangmen_Tin hau DOB festival1.jpg

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Jiangmen Tour Guide

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