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Kangting Travel Guide

Kangding Overview

Kangding, a well-known historical county in western China because of Kangding Love Song.
It is
is located in Eastern of Ganzi area,Sichuan Province. It was and still is the main center of Kangba area for politics, economics, culture, information and traffic. Kangding is also the key center for locals to trade the horses and teas with Han Chinese. Back in the old time when ancient war happened, Kangding is the key to the winning because of its geographic location advantages. Locating in the west of Sichuan basin and the transition zone of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Kangding has been exploited its various natural resources, such as mineral resources valued more than 100 billion, 300 kinds of wild animals including panda, clouded leopard and white-lipped deer. Large amount of precious Chinese medicine also helps Kangding gain its popularity. Within Kangding, plenty of rivers crisscross and rich geothermal resources are hosted, which lead Kangding known by crowd as “County of Hot Spring”. 

As a tourism county, Kangding owns many famous scenic spots: Tagong Temple, Mugecuo lake (also named
Kangding Love Song scenic area), Mt. Paoma, The red rock park, etc. The aforementioned attractions of Kangding are only a fraction of its whole picture.

Kangding County is belong to ancient Qiang Kingdom which was an Chinese minority nationality now. This area was ruled by the central government from Sui Dynasty (about 581 AD). Now, there are lots of nationalities live in Kangding Now, They are Yi, Tibetan, Qiang, Miao, Hui, Mongolian,Tujia, Lisu, Manchu, Yao, Dong, Naxi, Buyi, Bai, Zhuang and Dai ,etc.

 "Kangding Love Song" was writen by Mr. Ruoyi Li around 1930 -1904 when he went to school in Chengdu. Mr. Ruoyi Li fallow in love with a girl who came from Kangding at school. When he visit Mt. Paoma with his girlfriend in Kangding, he use "liuliu tune " syllables which come from Xuanhua dialect folk song to Sing a love song to his girfriend; and he also  taught the local people to sing this song. In spring of 1947, famous Chinese singer Ms. Yiyuan Yu find "Kangding Love Song" on a "Folk Song Collection" when she visited her friend Mr. Jiang. She fell in love with this song at first sight and put the song on her performance. With the popularity of "Kangding Love Song", it become a symbol of Kangding now; and Mt. Paoma in the lyrics is the No. 1 popular scenery spot in Kangding now.

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