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Kashgar Travel Guide

Kashgar Feature Food

Kashgar cuisine belongs to Xijiang food which is much different to Chinese food in other part boasting sorts of wheaten food, beef and mutton. There are many Uigur restaurants stand randomly around Kashgar city. Tourists can find authentic Xijiang cuisine in Kashgar including roast lamb, mutton kebabs, Nan bread stew, Uigur rice, roast fish and noodles and pancakes.

Mutton Kebabs
Mutton kebabs are the most popular and ordinary snack in Xinjiang food. Mutton kebabs stalls are roaming the streets and alleys around Kashgar city. Stringed pieces of sliced mutton mixed with eggs, seasoning with salt, cumin and pepper powder, then roasted the mutton upon fiery charcoal fire. After the meat turn to glossy in yellow, you will smell a fresh meat smell, and then you can taste the delicious mutton kebabs.  
Mutton Kebabs in Kashgar.jpg

Nan Pancake
Nan, also known as Naan, is a kind of crusty pancake which is the main staple food of Uighur people in Xinjiang, having equal status of Mantou in northern China, rice in southern China and bread in western countries. Nan is roasted in a special pit called as nan pit. There are sorts of Nan pancake in Xinjiang, some of them is filled with mutton or pork named in “Meat Nan”. Nan is in yellowish, tastes in soft and slight sweet and smell of roasted wheat.   

Nan in Kashgar.jpg

Barbecue in Kashgar
Xinjiang barbecue has ranked one of the top barbecues in China. Possibly due to the unique geography of Xijiang, barbecue here is in better smell and flavor. However, barbecue in different prefecture in Xinjiang are taste different. There is a distinct difference between barbecue in Kashgar and which in Urumqi, that Kashgar people never season barbecue with cumin and stubbornly believe that to keep the origin food flavor, seasonings should be the less the better unless ingredients are losing freshness. Besides the famous mutton kebabs in Kashgar, you can taste other special barbecue here, such as Nan Pit Barbecue which meat is roasted in nan pit.

Barbecue in Nan Pit.jpg

Roasted Lamb
Another gourmet in Kashgar will be Roasted lamb which mostly cooking for treat guests or making for festival.  
Uighur Rice
Uighur rice is a kind pilaf in traditional Xinjiang food, named in “polo” in Uyghur language. There are sorts of Uighur rice adding in mutton, beef, chicken or vegetable. Ordinary, mutton Uighur rice is cooking in most household to treat guest.  

Uigur Rice in Kashgar.jpg

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Kashgar Tour Guide

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